2017: Page 363

Page 363 has centered around sermon work for Sunday with some maintenance and janitorial tasks thrown in throughout the day for variety’s sake.  A light snow had fallen overnight, so I began by clearing the entryway while I was still bundled up for cold weather.  There was a heating issue in the building that would normally be minor but with high temperatures next week forecast to be in the negative numbers, the importance of resolving even minor problems greatly increased.  

By mid-afternoon the heating issue had been taken care of and my mind was swimming with scripture texts from my study, so I switched my focus to the “Watch & Pray” stations I will be setting up for the New Year’s Eve prayer vigil.  By late afternoon I was hungry so I headed out for a late lunch and then took a two mile walk along the Mishawaka Riverwalk to spend some time with God and allow my head to clear so I could listen more intently as I seek His refining for the sermon and prayer vigil preparations.

As I walked, the snow intensity picked up to the point where it went from almost nothing to causing greatly reduced visibility.  There were a variety of ducks, waterfowl, and geese on the river so I found plenty of photo opportunities as I walked.  I would keep tucking my camera inside my jacket between pictures as it would keep getting covered with snow in the brief amount of time I would have it out to snap a photo or two.  Today’s photo is of a group of geese standing in the water’s edge.  Most of them have their beak tucked under a wing and have stood long enough that they are covered in snow.  Sometimes when stuff is flying all around us, our best option is to tuck our nose out of the way so we’re both protected and not tempted to stick it into someone else’s business.

After my walk I made my way back to the building to just spend time with God and consider how He would lead me through the rest of the preparation for the weekend.  I thought maybe I would begin either the weekend cleaning or the prayer vigil setup when I came back from the walk, but so far it is just a time of listening and internal preparation.  As I’m spending time with God, I thought I would write out today’s page and see how the lessons from the day fit in with how He would have me finish out the weekend.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • I work best when I am not constantly jumping back and forth between tasks, but it is also good to have something productive to do when I need a break.
  • If I don’t clear the small amounts of snow after its fallen, there will soon be large amount accumulated where I don’t want it.
  • Minor problems rarely stay minor.  Either they are resolved and are no longer problems or they grow and become big problems.  Resolving them while they are small is usually the better approach.
  • The pool of knowledge and instruction found in God’s Word is deep.  While I greatly enjoy being in it, I usually reach a point when I need to come up for air.
  • While there are times I convince myself that the weather is too bad to go out, I am never disappointed when I reject that excuse and go out anyhow.
  • Sometimes when I’m in the midst of situations where stuff is flying all around me, the best thing I can do is tuck my nose out of the way and mind my own business.
  • A combination of walking and cold wind and snow hitting the face does wonders for getting the blood and oxygen circulating to the brain after hours of little physical activity.
  • Being still may be the most valuable, and the most overlooked, part of preparation for anything that we want God to lead us in.


2 thoughts on “2017: Page 363

  1. I love the photo of the geese along the Riverwalk! You are braver than I – I opted to stay inside today! It was just too cold for me to venture out. Tomorrow I’ll be forced to go to the grocery store… Indeed the correction of minor problems prevents them from becoming problems of monstrous proportions!!

    • Thanks! I enjoy the Riverwalk in all seasons but this is a season that I really have to work to talk myself into going. 🙂 Even in this cold and snow I always feel better after I’ve been out, but I definitely understand not wanting to. 🙂

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