2017: Page 341

Page 341 began early as the forecast had called for snow which would mean extra work in the morning routine.  There was no snow when I got up, but since I was up I headed into work anyhow.  I anticipated getting up early so I had gone to bed last night before writing yesterday’s page.  With no snow to take care of I began my day by writing.  However, as I was writing the snow began to fall.  I finished up my writing so I could take care of the normal morning prep tasks and by the time I took the trash out, the snow had covered everything.  This was a lake-effect snow event, which are usually my favorite as long as it isn’t dumping multiple feet of snow in a short amount of time.  This one wasn’t bad — maybe an inch and a half in about an hour — and it was the light, fluffy kind of snow which meant I could fire up the backpack leaf blower to clear the walks.  Even with the snow arriving late, I had the building ready for the day and the walks cleared by the time the students began to arrive. 

The morning was spent in a combination of research, study, and writing with an occasional break to photograph wildlife visitors.  One of those visitors was the deer that made today’s photo selection.  She was part of a group of 4 deer that wandered by out in the woods, but she was the only one who came out to the edge close enough to get some decent photos.  When they look right at me and keep on grazing on the underbrush, I have to believe they are aware of my presence and are okay with it, or they’re blind. 🙂  It made me think about how different things frighten different people, and about why certain things frighten me while others think the same things are no big deal.  Sometimes experience tells us certain things are safe while others are not, and other times we label things in certain ways with no idea why other than it’s what we’ve always done and what others around us have always done. 

My work continued until the middle of the afternoon when hunger got the best of me.  It was late enough that I skipped lunch and just went home and fixed a quick snack to get me through until dinner.  To celebrate surviving the first measurable snow of the season, I fired up the pellet grill and put some pork chops on to smoke for dinner.  While they cook, I’m writing today’s page so I can have everything finished early for the day.  After the early start, I’m hoping to have an early finish to the day as I look ahead to a long day tomorrow and more snow in the forecast for the weekend.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • It is better to be prepared and have what you prepared for not happen, than to not be prepared and have it take place.
  • There is always something that can be done if what you have planned for doesn’t happen.
  • Even though it adds to the workload, I enjoy the clean look of fresh snow.
  • Sometimes we miss opportunities because we can’t see beyond what we’ve always known.
  • We often judge things, or people, based on that which we believe to be similar — that judgment may not always be accurate.
  • Relationship done right ought to overcome fear.
  • When fear exists, trust has to be earned — and it is often earned more slowly than we anticipate or desire.
  • It’s always grilling season.  Sometimes it just takes a little more effort to make it happen. 🙂


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