2017: Page 283

Page 283 has been a quiet day.  There was a haze lingering in the air as I headed into work early this morning.  The moisture-filled air created a muted glow in the nighttime sky as the moonlight was diffused by the morning fog.  After finishing my morning prayer, cleaning, and building prep time, I checked the timer for our outside lights and discovered that I needed to add more time of light at each end of the day.  The haze had turned to light drizzle by the time I took the trash out but it was not enough to completely wash the fog out of the air.  

A large part of my day was focused on the upcoming Growing Strong retreat and the International Conference on Missions that will take place soon after the retreat.  I have given away nearly all of the prayer guide booklets I have had printed to use as samples at conventions and conferences, so I spent time updating the first edition of the booklets so I could order more for ICOM.  Once the file was updated and sent to the printing company, it was time to do book inventory to see if I needed to order any of the titles before the convention.  With nine prayer-based books in print, it takes planning to have the necessary finances at the times needed to make the books available to people who will use them.  In the times I wonder where the money will come from for the next order, God reminds me that they are His books and He will take care of supplying them if I remain faithful in sharing them.

By mid-afternoon, my workday was done and I stopped for lunch on the way home.  The rest of the afternoon and evening has been spent relaxing as I continue to feel worn out physically.  With no photos taken today, I share one from our Sunday evening walk along the river.  This blue jay was squawking at us as we went by so I stopped to take its photo.  It wouldn’t set still for very long so I wasn’t even sure if I got a good photo or not, so I was very pleasantly surprised to see how this one turned out.  Sometime my photos are the result of careful planning and other times they have more to do with being in the right place at the right time and almost accidentally shooting at just the right settings.  When I look at a photo that I really like, it would be easy to take full credit and say it was completely the result of knowing what I was doing — but that would rarely be true.  We do that in life, though, don’t we?  We know full well that the things in our life that turn out the absolute best are the result of God’s working, but we are often tempted to take credit as if the work was all our doing.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes the haze of fog is a nuisance and other times it adds to the beauty of the morning — the difference is usually dependent on its intensity and how far I can see through it.
  • While I generally like to see things clearly, there are times when the haziness of life creates a beauty caused by the required trust in God.
  • Sometimes the rains of life require more time to clear the fog than we would like, but God’s timing is always right.
  • A busy schedule is good only if the things on it are the things that God would have you be busy with.  
  • If I’m not careful, it is far too easy to fill my schedule with the things that I decide rather than the things that God wants me to do.
  • It is much easier to give away books and printed resources when I acknowledge that they came from God and belong to Him to be used as He desires.
  • God wants, and deserves, the credit for the work He does in and through us.


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