2017: Page 277

Page 277 has been a three season day.  It began with warm spring breeze bringing in a gentle rain.  Eventually that spring rain gave way to a thunderstorm which was followed by sunshine and summer-like temperatures.  As evening came, the wind had shifted direction and the cool rain of autumn began to fall.  I suppose there is still time before the day is finished for winter to arrive as well, but I am hoping that season stays away for a while yet.

As I went about my early morning tasks, the turmoil in this country and around the world continued to be a major part of my prayer focus.  It seems that nearly everyone is shouting so loudly about how right they are that they’ve all lost their voice — and there is no one left to listen even if a voice still existed within the maddening clamor.  We’re so busy shouting down each other that the still, small voice of God often goes unnoticed and unheeded.

Once the building was ready for the day, I put on my accounting hat and turned my attention to the record-keeping for the church missions.  That is always an enjoyable task as it keeps me connected with a variety of mission works around the world.  As I was reading through reports, Susan had a seizure so I spent some time protecting her and then comforting her as she eventually came out of it.  After she was through the seizure and resting, I went back to finishing up the work I was doing with the missions information.  

I eventually wrapped up the workday with some additional work on the retreat material before heading home for a late lunch.  As I relaxed at home I took my camera outside to take some more photos of the remaining fall flower blossoms while they were coated with raindrops.  Today’s photo is one of those and it can’t help but remind me of the song from The Sound of Music, where they sing about a “few of my favorite things”.  It is good to have favorite things that remind us of God’s goodness and faithfulness.  When times are difficult and turmoil seems prevalent everywhere you look, it is important to have reminders that draw us back to the peace we have in Christ.

As I began writing today’s page, I heard a loud thud from upstairs as Susan had another seizure and fell over in her bedroom.  I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising, as this is often the result of the weather changing multiple times throughout a day.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Change is often more tolerable when it is gradual, but that is not always possible.
  • When change happens quickly, sometimes all you can do is hold on to something solid and wait for the calm to come.
  • There is nothing more solid to hold onto than Jesus.
  • When everyone believes they have the right answer, there is usually very little listening taking place.
  • Shouting, whether with verbal or written words, will rarely lead to productive conversations.
  • God is doing great work through people all around the world.
  • The work of “missions” has many different faces and places.  One of those combinations is you and wherever you are.
  • It is good to have some “favorite things” that remind us of God’s love for us.
  • When we are seized by something beyond our control, it is important that we have someone who will hold onto us and carry us through.  Jesus does that by His Spirit and through people like you and I.


2 thoughts on “2017: Page 277

  1. As I read this account of your daughter’s seizures and your reflections, I couldn’t help but think of the challenge all Christians face – namely to be Christ for each other….

    • Yes, many people we encounter are “seized” by something. Do we love them enough to be Christ for them or do we close our heart and walk on by? It can be a challenge — the first seizure my daughter had years and years ago, I was so overwhelmed that I passed out. I think many times we are overwhelmed by what we see in the lives of others — learning about what was happening, experience, and love are what changed my response.

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