2017: Page 217

Page 217 has mostly been about rest.  I slept in a little while compared to my usual time to wake up and began the day with a cup of coffee and the writing of yesterday’s page.  That writing used a lot of words, so perhaps today’s page will be a bit shorter. 🙂  It usually takes a bit longer to write the day’s page when I wait until the next morning, so the morning was nearly over by the time I finished writing.  I spent a little time updating my online presence before Susan decided it was time for her to wake up.   Once she was awake and ready for the day, I went outside to see what I could photograph.  A few of the hummingbirds were out and fairly active, so I got some photos of them.  

By noon, it was time to fire up the pellet grill for the Saturday bacon cheeseburgers.  While I waited on it, I wandered the front yard taking pictures of the flowers.  Today’s photo caught my attention as the golden sunflower sat in beautiful contrast to the blue and white sky behind it.  As I was ready to take the picture, I noticed a bee coming in to see if there was some nectar it could collect.  I suspect that far too often we try so hard to blend in with our culture that the true beauty that God created us to have no longer stands out.  I know I don’t like to be noticed for being different, but I also recognize that it is through the unique way God has created me that I have the ability to do many of the things that help others see Him in me.  To hide those characteristics so that I fit in with others may be more acceptable, but it wouldn’t really bring the satisfaction of being who God created me to be.

After lunch, I played some computer games and eventually took a nap.  The rest felt good and helped me to focus on the sermon which has been simmering in my mind all day.  I’m privileged to be able to preach tomorrow morning at the North Wayne Mennonite Church and will  be sharing another sermon in a series on Living as the Lord’s Servant.  The message for tomorrow will look at the life of Barnabas and focus on “Serving with a GIVER”S Heart”.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • When you find yourself in need of physical rest, it is likely not the only type of rest you are short on.
  • For me, writing is a good way to process a day’s activities as it often helps me to see more clearly what the day involved.
  • Some parts of my memory tends to fade with the passing of time while other parts become more vivid.   I need to learn to hold onto the good parts and allow the troubling parts to fade.
  • Some things look impossible, such as hummingbirds and bumblebees hovering in mid-air, but they are always possible when it is what God created them to do.
  • God created us to shine like stars in a universe of darkness.  We cannot do that if we try to imitate the darkness.
  • Being unique can be difficult and lonely but that isn’t nearly as tragic as not being who God created you to be
  • God wants us to serve with a giver’s heart in all that we do.


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