2017: Page 218

Page 218 was a Sunday even though I’m writing this on a Tuesday morning.  The day began by throwing some things in the truck for a quick family getaway, then headed to Dowagiac to preach before the getaway began.  The sermon was another one in the “Living as the Lord’s Servant” series and considered the life of Barnabas with a message, “Serving With a GIVER’S Heart”.

The written part of today’s page will be condensed as I didn’t bring my laptop computer with me, so here are some lessons from the sermon.

  • Serve with a Generous heart.
  • Serve with an Intentional heart.
  • Serve with a Vertical heart.
  • Serve with an Encouraging heart.
  • Serve with a Rejoicing heart.
  • Serve with a Sacrificial heart.

After the church service, we began a 7+ hour drive north so we could spend a little time together as a family before the schools start.  The drive was a mix of sun, clouds, and even heavy rain.  We stopped a couple times to take some photos and were hoping to reach our destination in time for the sunset.  As we approache the shore of Lake Superior, where we would be staying, the clear blue sky was hidden by a heavy fog that came in off the lake.  No sunset photos that night, but we did get a few fog photos.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are a couple thousand words to conclude today’s page.  😀

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