2017: Page 214

Page 214 felt like a more productive day than the previous one, but that was probably helped along by having some tasks that I actually could complete.  After doing the morning walk-through of the building, I put on my accountant hat and spent most of the morning working on the missions accounting for the church.  It is a task that I enjoy doing each month as it keeps me connected with the various mission works that Deer Run helps to support.  Throughout the morning, as my eye would need a break from the numbers, I would take care of some minor tasks in the building in addition to the accounting work.  

By early afternoon it was time to change hats as the accounting work was done for the day and I needed to do some work on the roof while the weather was cooperative.  It seems like the skylights on the building need resealed every year as I’ve yet to find a product that stands up to the the combination of the sun’s heat on the metal roof and the contraction and expansion that takes place as the roofing changes temperatures throughout the day and night.  It made me think of God’s instruction that we “work out our salvation with fear and trembling.”  Not that we can gain our salvation by our works, but that our relationship with the living God takes ongoing effort on our part.  God has done everything necessary for us to come into a right relationship with Him, but for that to happen we must willingly and deliberately die to self and draw near to Him.  At least in my life, I find that over time the ups and downs of my faith creates cracks that allow the storms of doubt to begin leaking through.  When doubt begins to leak in, it is imperative that we turn to God’s Word to strengthen our faith and seal up the cracks before critical damage is done to the interior of our temple.

After finishing my work on the roof for now, I finished up some office work before heading out for a late lunch on my way to my hometown of Bourbon, Indiana.  I had two extra copies of the final proof of my children’s book, so I had offered them to the library in my hometown and they were happy to accept them.  I have always loved reading and some of my earliest childhood memories include books and visits to the Bourbon Library.  Being able to give books that I have written to the library I grew up going to, is an incredible experience that I never would have thought of in my wildest dreams.  Speaking of wildest dreams, I just read tonight that E. B. White’s Maine farm where he wrote the book, “Charlotte’s Web”, is up for sale . . . anyone have an extra 3.7 million dollars they wouldn’t mind parting with? 😉  

After stopping at the library, I made my way to  my parents’ farm to pay them a visit.  While there, I took a stroll through the flower fields with camera in hand to photograph some of the beauty of what they grow.  Today’s photo is one of many I captured during my walk.  The rich color and almost glowing center of this day lily captured my attention as it almost begged to be photographed.  I obviously obliged with it and with 92 of its beautiful friends.  Photographing the beauty of nature is difficult, not because the photo opportunities are hard to find but because they are so numerous.  As I gaze through the viewfinder of my camera, each blossom has a unique beauty even when they have a very similar appearance.  I’ve had to learn to enjoy taking it all in visually as I attempt to limit the actual number of photos taken.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • When I know I have long-term projects I am working on, it is good to mix in some things that can be completed in short amounts of time.
  • Sometimes I have to break large projects down into smaller parts so I can at least experience the completion of a stage during the ongoing larger process.
  • While I am always fascinated with how God uses the work He does through me in parts of the world that I doubt I will ever visit, I am also humbled by the work He does through others in missions work around the world.
  • Ongoing maintenance is a part of life . . . and ought to be a part of our spiritual life.
  • It is important to pay attention to the cracks that from in our faith.  Sometimes the only way we become aware of the cracks is when we notice doubt begin to leak into our life.
  • A combination of prayer and God’s Word is necessary to seal the cracks that appear in our faith.  Life has a continual way of pulling and pushing at us so that the cracks often re-form, so the sealing of them needs to be a regular part of our life.
  • Just because things, or people, look alike at first glance, doesn’t mean that they are the same.  God has created each person with the similarities that come from being created in His image and the uniqueness that comes from being knit together by His hand.


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