2017: Page 202

Page 202 began early as Susan was up with another seizure.  After we all made it back to sleep, it was only a couple hours until I somewhat woke up to get my day actually started.  I don’t know if the seizures wear her out so much that she sleeps more deeply, or what, but she often wakes up bright eyed and ready to go after a seizure even while the rest of us are dragging.  The morning was incredibly gorgeous as the sun began to light up the eastern sky on my way to work.  As I shot a few photos before getting started on the cleaning that still needed done, the disruption in the cleaning the night before was almost worth it. 🙂  Okay, maybe a little more than almost.  While the bright colors of the early sunrise faded into the gathering clouds that soon overtook the sky, I was thankful that I was awake to view the incredible display that God was offering.

After looking at various wide-angle lenses online over a long period of time, I finally ordered one that was supposed to have arrived Thursday.  It didn’t arrive and the online tracking said it was delayed in Indianapolis due to a mechanical failure.  They eventually said it would come today, so I arranged to pick it up at the UPS center so the start of my trip to the student conference wouldn’t be delayed more than it had to be.  As my mind kept thinking about various “mechanical failure” options, I pictured them handing me a sealed bag with the remains of a shredded package.  Fortunately, that wasn’t the case and the package was ready and in good condition.  After picking up the lens and finishing the packing of the truck, I was on the road with a few stops planned at parks along the way so I could stretch my legs and take some photos.  As I had this new lens, I decided that I would only shoot with it of the day so I could get used to it.  For most of what I was shooting in the parks, it was a great lens — that is except for today’s photo and a few like it that I didn’t take because they would have looked much like this.  

Today’s photo is an example of using a good piece of equipment that is the wrong tool for the job.  If you can’t tell, the dark spot near the center of the picture is a butterfly.  If he would set still long enough for me to get within about six inches of him, I could have effective used the lens I had on the camera.  But butterflies rarely do that, which is why I would generally use a long zoom lens when photographing small objects that I have to shoot from a distance so they don’t move to avoid me.  How often do we try to do life with some really good tools that just happen to be the wrong tools for what we really need to accomplish?  Or sometimes they may even be the right tools, we are just using them in the wrong way. 

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Love compels us to act when we see someone in trouble.  The action motivated by pure love may not always be what they want, but it will always be our best effort at what they need.
  • Sometimes the disappointments of one day turn into an incredible blessing the next.
  • Not everything works the way I want it to.  But when I put everything into God’s hands, He makes it work in ways that are better than what I wanted.
  • Stuff happens.  Learning to adjust and move forward is a valuable characteristic to develop.
  • Walking three miles in a 95 degree temperature with an even higher humidity level has the same result as walking that three miles in the rain — you get drenched either way.
  • God has given us many good and useful tools, but that doesn’t mean He has designed them all to be used in the same way for the same purpose.
  • The body of Christ works best when each member does its part — the part it was created and gifted by God to do.


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