2017: Page 201

Page 201 was a long workday that didn’t accomplish what I had hoped, so I pray that the writing of the page will help me to look back and see if it accomplished anything worthwhile.  The day began with a walk-through of the building to evaluate what would need done before I leave tomorrow for the student conference.  After making my list and setting it aside until the building would be empty of people late in the afternoon, I turned my attention to finishing up some details on the teaching I will do this weekend.  As I worked on the outlines and created powerpoint slides, I also waited for UPS to deliver my children’s book proof copies.

By mid-day, the UPS delivery finally came and I opened the package with great excitement and anticipation.  The book looked great, but upon closer inspection there was one page that had a rather “fuzzy” or out of focus illustration.  It wasn’t horrible, but the image definitely lacked the quality of the rest of the book.  After the issues I had getting the file accepted, my first look was to make sure I had submitted the correct completed file.  I had, but in comparing that file to the earlier one that had not been accepted, it was obvious something had changed on that one page for some reason.  So, after a quick note to the illustrator to see if she had any idea what had happened, I continued to look for a solution on my end.  Because the page looked correct in an earlier file, I decided to download a fresh copy of the current file and see if that helped.  The preview of the new download looked great on all the pages so I uploaded it to the printer and ran it through their online previewer.  It looked good on it too, so I called the illustrator to tell her to never mind my email if she hadn’t seen it yet.  As it turned out, she had seen it and had already gone through the file and uploaded a new version to the shared box I download from — so, the fresh download I did was actually a new file after all.  Anyhow, now I’m back to waiting for the file to go through the printing company’s official review so I can order new proof copies before finishing up the project.  And to think I was very tempted to skip the proof copies and approve the project for actual publishing without seeing how it would print.  I remember writing about how that would be a bad idea no matter how anxious I was, and now I can verify the wisdom of following through all the proper steps regardless of how confident I am in everything being right.  Sometimes we are so sure we are right that we disregard all of the warnings in scripture to closely guard sound doctrine and then we wonder how we ever got into so much trouble.  It always pays to do things right even if it means they aren’t completed according to our timeline.

After I had the book issue squared away, it was back to working on the teaching powerpoint slides until the building cleared out so I could get it cleaned and ready for the weekend.  Midway through my cleaning, as I was preparing to mop floors, some people came in for an unscheduled meeting so extending my workday for the purpose of being able to leave early for the conference tomorrow didn’t work out so well.  Mopping bathrooms and hallways while people are needing to use them doesn’t work out too well, so I put everything away and will now finish it up early in the morning before I begin my trip.  

Today’s photo was taken mid-day as I worked in my office.  As I looked up from my desk and out the window, I noticed this hawk perched on a branch overlooking my office.  It made me think of the common phrase about watching something like a hawk.  As with all birds of prey, hawks are known for their keen eye that can spot movement from a great distance.  The movement that they watch most for is the movement of small critters that will serve as their lunch when caught.  Without a careful eye on their surroundings, they find themselves hungry and even prey to someone else.  It is through our keeping a keen eye directed on the Word of God that we find ourselves both filled with everything good and protected from that which is evil.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Even disappointing days have lessons that ought to be learned.
  • Preparing for what needs done later isn’t always the same as being able to do what needs done later.
  • Most accomplishments have a natural progression of order in which things need done.  Skipping steps that seem unimportant will usually lead to problems.
  • Sometimes when it looks like you have stumbled onto a solution to a problem you are trying to solve, it is because someone else has been working in the background to help resolve the issue.  Never underestimate the help others can give.
  • Just because you are sure you are right, doesn’t mean that you are.
  • Doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason, at the right time is always best even when it makes you unpopular. 


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