2017: Page 195

I was awake early this morning, so page 195 began with a trip to Potato Creek State Park with my kayak to capture some sunrise photos from the lake.  The clouds were just tinging with color when I arrived at the park but by the time I put my kayak on the lake, a fog began to rise off the water.  As I paddled across the lake, the fog continued to build until I was engulfed in its warm moisture with no shoreline visible in any direction.  It was a beautiful experience as the sounds of the birds waking up echoed from the trees, through the fog, and across the water.  As I floated on the calm surface of the water enjoying the experience, the fog began to lift as gradually as it had formed.  Through what was now a mild haze, I caught sight of a bald eagle surveying its domain.  Eventually the fog lifted enough to zoom in for some close-up photos, but today’s photo is one of the early ones that gives a broader perspective of the eagle perched up high where it could keep watch on everything around it.

After about an hour on the lake, it was time to head to work to get the workday started.  The workday began with another message informing me that once again my file submission for my book had been rejected as not meeting the technical requirements to be printed.  You would think that with this being book number ten for me to have printed with this company, I would have the process down and not experience these hurdles.  However, this will be the first full-color illustrated book I will publish so I guess there are some different things that I have to pay attention to.  After a number of messages back and forth with my book’s illustrator and some further research of the printing company’s technical expectations, I was eventually able to submit the book file for attempt number three.  That puts me back in a holding pattern as I need to wait for their actual review of the file before I can do anything else with it, so I headed out to finish up the mowing that I began yesterday.

The rest of the workday was spent on the mower enjoying the warm sunshine and pleasant breeze of a summer day.  By the time I made it to the back ball field, a mother deer came out with its young fawn to watch me mow.  It was fun to watch them prance across the field and then stop to watch what I was doing.  By the time the mowing was done, it was late in the afternoon so I headed inside to get the building ready for Sunday.  My first stop was a wise one as I checked the calendar and was reminded of the building being used tomorrow.  That changed up what needed done as I checked on bathroom readiness for tomorrow and then headed home as I will need to do the final cleaning and prep for Sunday either sometime tomorrow or early Sunday morning.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Even when conditions seem right for what you expect to experience, the actual result may be different than expected.
  • Beauty isn’t always in the seeing . . . sometimes it is in the experiencing.
  • Sometimes rising above the haze of life is necessary to gain the perspective that we ought to have.
  • Just because you think you’ve done everything right, doesn’t mean that you have.
  • While not accepted today, the only way this book doesn’t get printed is if I give up — and I have no intention of doing that.
  • Dead-ends are only dead-ends if we quit trying to find the right way.
  • I don’t know if the deer like the sound of the mower or if they know I don’t carry a camera on the mower, but they do seem to like watching me mow.
  • Paying attention to what others are doing and have planned can sometimes help you work more efficiently.


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