2017: Page 196

Well, they say the third time’s a charm.  Page 196 began with a message waiting on me that the printing company approved my third file submission as meeting their technical requirements so I could finally order a printed proof copy to review before calling the project complete.  I don’t think there was really anything special about it being the third attempt other than I finally understood and followed all of their requirements.  Now with the proof copy ordered, it is back to waiting so I don’t send a project to the printer until I can see how it is actually going to print.  Sometimes we get so anxious to accomplish something that we tend to skip some of the important steps we ought to take, thinking that somehow finishing quickly is more important than finishing correctly.

After a summer filled with a busy schedule, or Susan and/or I needing extra sleep, we finally made it to the zoo this morning.  Many of the animals were active to start the day and Susan enjoyed spending time watching the big cats as they paced . . . and the lions even roared at her.  She was happy to see the animals but seemed to wear down quickly so we cut our visit short and stopped by Menard’s on the way home.  Once home, she did some resting while I fired up the pellet grill to make bacon cheeseburgers and grilled zucchini for lunch.  After lunch I posted a few of the zoo pictures online and then took a nap.  While I seem to be making progress in getting the rest I need, there are times when I can tell that I’m not quite there yet.

As the afternoon faded into evening, we loaded up the canoe and kayak and headed to Potato Creek State Park for a family outing on the water.  The air was warm with just a light breeze as we put into the water and headed up a protected cove.  It had been a long time since we had the canoe out on the water and Susan wasn’t so sure about it . . . although the “boat ride” used to be one of her favorite family activities.  Eventually she decided she was safe and the ride became enjoyable and “fun” once again.  We were able to watch and listen to a variety of birds as we enjoyed the peaceful setting.  In addition to a variety of songbirds, we were visited by a few heron, an osprey, and a bald eagle who flew over with a fish dinner firmly in his grasp as he headed home.  Today’s photo was taken from the canoe Susan and I were sharing as MJ was also taking a photo of the beautiful scene in front of us — a light ripple on the water, puffs of clouds in a brilliant blue sky, a tree-lined shoreline, and reflections of all it in the warm, blue waters.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • “Do not become weary in doing good, for in due time you will reap a harvest if you don’t give up.”  (Galatians 6:9)
  • God’s timing and my timing are not always the same thing.  When they are not, mine is the one that needs to change.
  • Delays happen for a lot of reasons.  None of those reasons catch God by surprise.
  • Skipping steps in a task to make up for lost time will usually result in more lost time eventually.
  • Routine is good.  Adjusting that routine to the actual needs of people is better.
  • When you need rest of whatever kind and you have the opportunity to take it, don’t delay or the opportunity may disappear.
  • Sometimes we all need time to adjust to new things or things that we’ve not done in a long time.  Allowing time for that adjustment is good for everyone.
  • Enjoying the beauty of God’s creation together as a family is a very good thing.


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