2017: Page 194

Page 194 began with the news that my submitted book file was not suitable for the printing company to use in the way I had expected.  The message caught me by surprise because everything looked good with it on their online previewer yesterday when I uploaded the file to them.  So, I spent time this morning reworking the way the file should print and submitted it again.  Once again, the layout of the entire thing looks good on their online previewer so now it is back to waiting to see what their actual review of the file turns out to be this time.  While not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, the book file looks so good that the delay in getting it printed makes me even more anxious to see it finished.

After getting done what I could with the book and writing tasks, I headed out to spend some time mowing.  It is always fun to watch the swallows gliding over the lawn around the mower as the mowing process gets a lot of insects moving that the birds would like for a meal.  After spending a good part of the afternoon mowing, I wrapped up the workday and headed home.  By early evening we made our way to Potato Creek State Park to see if the eagles were out and with a plan on doing some walking.  The eagle wasn’t out and it was hot and humid so we passed on walking the trails through the woods as they were likely filled with mosquitoes.  Instead, we drove through the park and saw a mother deer with two young spotted fawns crossing the road in front of us.  We managed a couple photos from the truck but they weren’t too willing to stay around and pose.  

Instead of walking at the park, we drove back to town and went to the Mishawaka Riverwalk to get our walk in.  It was a beautiful evening along the river and I found a few members of God’s creation that were wanting to be photographed — at least it appeared like that is what they wanted.  Today’s photo is one of those as this bird was sitting in the evening sun.  Not only did he seem to want to pose, he had a beautiful song to share with all who would listen.  There was a gentle breeze along the river, so it was probably the better choice for walking than in the woods of Potato Creek.  After our walk, we stopped for dinner on the way home and then Susan went into an intense seizure just before we got home.  We got her in the house and MJ got some extra meds in her to bring her out of the seizure.  The post-seizure state wasn’t too bad this time around and she’s been resting as I write today’s page.  I made it through the day without a nap, so I guess I’m beginning to catch up on the needed rest . . . although I do find mowing to be rather relaxing and restful even without sleeping. 🙂

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Anticipation can fill us with joy, but putting our hope in that which is unsure can lead to disappointment.
  • Just because something looks good as planned, doesn’t mean that it is good.
  • Even when you think you’ve done everything right; if you’re work is not accepted by the one with the final say, then your best course is to find out what was unacceptable and make the necessary changes.
  • God provides food for the birds of the air and sometimes He uses us to stir things up so their food is more readily available.
  • If you’re in an environment that is not ideal for what you want to do, you can either make the best of it or find a more suitable environment . . . or both.
  • Just because you don’t see what you’re looking for doesn’t mean that God doesn’t have something to show you.
  • There is not rest so sweet as sitting with your face toward the Son as you sing His praises.


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