2017: Page 193

Much of page 193 has been focused on wrapping up a writing project and preparing some teaching materials.  I had planned on getting started on the mowing for the week, but rain moved in early in the day and stuck around all the way through early evening.  I started the day focused on developing and refining teaching material about various aspects of prayer and how they relate to prayer becoming a lifestyle.  As I worked on that, a message arrived with a link to the finished files for the children’s alphabet rhyme book that I wrote and have been having illustrated.  It was exciting to get those files and go through them, so I turned my attention to getting them sent to the printing company I use and setting up the book for their review as the next step in this process.  

Once the files were submitted, I turned my attention to setting up a Kindle edition of the book.  With this being an illustrated book, the process of setting it up for Kindle was different than what I was used to.  My first attempt didn’t turn out very well as the illustrations were larger than a normal e-book page.  After doing a little research, I found a “children’s book creator” tool designed to place each illustrated page on a new page of the e-book.  After going through that, I had a finished product that should allow for smooth electronic viewing of the book.  Once everything was submitted for both the print and electronic versions, it was back to the waiting game as the files go through review and approval.

After taking care of some things in the building and making sure it was ready for the evening, I finished out the workday with a return to working on the teaching material.  I think I’m still trying to overcome the mental, emotional, and physical fatigue from the past few weeks as I came home and took a nap after stopping for a late lunch.  Sometimes we get tired in one area of our life and a little rest takes care of it.  Other times it seems as if schedules, circumstances, and memories converge to completely exhaust us in ways that we weren’t even aware we could be tired in.  In those times it is important to draw especially near to God and realize the tiredness didn’t happen overnight and the recovery from it will likely take time as well.

After the nap, I fired up the pellet grill to cook some supper and wandered around the yard taking pictures while I waited for it to heat up.  The rain had finally stopped, but the raindrops were still present on many of the flower blossoms.  With their faced pointed upward, it was as if they were drinking in the life-giving water which added to their incredible beauty.  While most of us are not that fond of the rain and storms of life, and the weariness that often accompany them, God’s Word tells us that it is through the trials that our faith is not only tested, but it grows.  When we turn our face toward God and drink in His life-giving water during the storms of life, we find ourselves coming through the hard times with an even greater beauty than before.  After supper, I sat down to write today’s page while constantly checking to see if the review of my book files was complete so I can order the proof copies — no such luck with that, so I guess I’ll end up going to bed and anticipating waking up to the approval message tomorrow.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes the order of getting things done isn’t as important as simply doing what you can, when you can.
  • When you can avoid waiting until the last minute to do things, you have more flexibility when circumstances don’t line up with your plans.
  • Anticipation can bring excitement with it, but it also often brings work.
  • Doing things the way you’ve always done them doesn’t work well when you are wanting a different result.
  • Seeking help from a reliable source isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of wisdom.
  • We can become tired in many ways and for many reasons, therefore rest doesn’t always look the same either.
  • When our weariness is compounded by being tired in more than one part of our being, the rest needed will often need to take place over a longer period of time than we would like.
  • God calls all who are weary to come to Him and He will give them rest.  Our willingness to draw near to God and abide in Him creates an atmosphere where we can find rest for our soul.
  • The storms of life test our faith — not to destroy it, but to reveal the good work God is accomplishing in us that will carry us through to our eternal home.
  • When the rains come that God has designed to produce growth in our life, we should turn our face toward God and drink in the living water that He freely gives.
  • Waiting isn’t easy; but when you value what you are waiting for, it is worth it.


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