The Preacher’s View

I have a secret,
between me and you.
Sometimes the preacher
has the very best view.
The day was a beauty
but so was the bride.
As she stood in the doorway
with the groom by my side.
The planning was finished,
the work would now start.
As she walked down the aisle
to give her whole heart.

With each step moving closer,
I could see in her eye.
Some seeds of the tears
that she didn’t want to cry.
On this happy occasion,
as she walked toward her groom.
There was a good presence
that entered the room.
The bride and her father
were walking toward me.
And with them the presence
of her sister, Bre.

I stood for a moment
with a lump in my throat.
As I retrieved my glasses
from out of my coat.
I must continue,
so I drew a deep breath.
And heard a sweet voice,
not silenced by death.
“I can do all things
as He strengthens me.”
Was the opening whisper
that I heard from Bre.

And so I continued,
with a witness unseen.
And a beautiful couple
in this wedding scene.
There was another
who looked on from above.
For God is the author
of this thing we call love.
His presence was with me,
and I pray it’s with you.
As you glance for a moment
at this preacher’s view.

© 2017 by Tom Lemler

As I was resting Sunday afternoon following the Saturday evening wedding and Sunday morning preaching that I was privileged to do, this poem began filling my mind.  It was a great honor for me to officiate the wedding for my niece, but I knew the day would have its hard times as each family member would miss the physical presence of Bre — my niece, and the bride’s sister, who died in an auto accident almost a year ago.  As an uncle, I know that my loss doesn’t compare to that of Bre’s parents and siblings, but I wasn’t sure how acute that feeling of loss would be as I stood there watching the bride come down the aisle with my brother — her dad.  The lump in my throat was real as I looked into her eyes and wondered if I could finish what I hadn’t even started.  It was at that point the presence of God, and I believe the presence of Bre as one of the “great cloud of witnesses, reminded me of one of her favorite verse; “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Anyhow, as this poem about the experience came out of my mind, I shared it with my niece late Sunday as I felt she needed to see this first.  I share it more publicly now with the hope and prayer that God uses it as a means of comfort and encouragement to others who not only grieve, but who need the assurance of God’s presence and of the presence of the great cloud of witnesses that have gone on before us.

In prayer,



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