2017: Page 187

Page 187 has been a full day so I’m hoping to get the writing of the page done before I finish the day by heading off to bed.  I started the day by taking care of some tasks in the building and looking over the rough outline for a workshop I’ll lead later this month.  While waiting for the tech to come and service our fire extinguishers in the building, I made a trip to the gas station to get fuel for the mower as mowing would be my primary work task for the day.  After returning with the fuel and taking care of the fire extinguishers, I began the mowing process.  For me, mowing is a relaxing task as it not only allows me to work outside, but it also is easy to see the results of the work.

I stopped a couple times throughout the day to take a break and get something to drink as the sun was warming both me and the air up quite nicely.   As I began my first trip around the back field, a startled deer jumped out of the woods in front of me and danced its way across the lawn and into the woods on the other side of where I was working.  It is always fun to see the deer out; and while this one seemed unsure of the mower, it wasn’t in a big hurry to run off.  By late afternoon I had most of the lawn mowed, I had put in a full day, and I was hungry. 🙂  So, I put the mower away and took care of a few office items before heading out for a late lunch.

At home, I took some time to unwind for a little bit and then by early evening we made our way to Potato Creek State Park for a family walk.  The eagles were not willing to make themselves available for photos tonight, so we took a walk on one of the trails and played with camera settings trying to capture the late evening sun coming through the trees.  After our walk, we stopped for supper and then I sat on the porch at home hoping a hummingbird or two would stop by the feeder.  I had one stop by momentarily, but my camera settings were such that all I got was a blur of him coming and going.  A little later one approached the feeder but didn’t seem too happy that I was sitting on the porch swing, so he made his way over to the pine tree and just perched there for a while.  Today’s photo is of that hummingbird as it does its best to blend into its surroundings.  I know I’m a lot like that.  I get very uncomfortable in places and situation where I tend to stand out, so I look for anywhere nearby where I may be able to just blend in.  Unfortunately for me, as an ambassador of Jesus, He wants me to live in such a way that people would see my good deeds and glorify my Father who is in heaven.  That means not only do I need to live in such a way that what I do is visible, I need to do it in such a way that the attention and glory is directed toward God.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Knowing when to stay at a task until it is finished and when to pause a task to finish it later, requires both wisdom and a steadfast mind.
  • Sometimes periods of waiting are just that — waiting.  Other times they are simply pauses that allow you to do something else while you wait.  Again, wisdom is key.
  • To live without frequent drinks from the Living Water of God’s Word is not healthy and will eventually lead to a drying up of our very soul.
  • Sometimes when we are frightened, our actions don’t make anymore sense to others than they do to our self.
  • Failing isn’t failure until you quit trying.  Finding out what doesn’t work takes you a step closer to finding out what does.
  • God wants your light to shine in such a way that people can see Him.
  • Blending in may feel safe, but it isn’t usually an effective way to be a Christian.


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