2017: Page 175

After a week in which I left the house by 7 each morning and didn’t get back home until nearly 9 each evening following Vacation Bible School, page 175 was a day to relax and rest — somewhat.  I slept in for a little while before getting up and sitting down with God and a cup of coffee as I went through the outline for the sermon I will share tomorrow.  As I let the scripture and thoughts simmer in my mind, I checked on Susan to see if she was going to wake up and go to the zoo.  She had no interest in getting up, so I let her sleep and gave myself a haircut so I don’t look so shaggy as I head out to preach and then make my way to the North American Christian Convention.

As I fired up the pellet grill to work on lunch, the sky was begging to be photographed with its brilliant blue background being danced upon by a variety of fluffy clouds.  After lunch the rest of my day was a mix of computer games, napping, sermon focus, and just letting my mind and body relax.  Today’s clouds reminded me of my childhood as I still remember times stretched out in the backyard watching the clouds float overhead.  Chances are good that I was doing my best to avoid working in the garden, but I would imagine myself floating among the clouds without a care in the world.  I would often look up in expectation that these could be the very clouds that Jesus ascended through as He returned to the Father . . . and perhaps the very clouds He would return upon to take His children, including me, to himself.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Even good events can wear a person down eventually.  
  • God strengthens us for the tasks at hand but also calls us to, and provides for, times of rest.
  • It is good to have God’s Word hidden in my heart, but only if I don’t allow it to remain hidden.
  • While we should care about our appearance, we should care more about our character.
  • Just as surely as Jesus walked this earth and ascended back into heaven after His death, burial, and resurrection; one day Jesus will return to take His children home.
  • While I often dream of and long for the day Jesus will return, that is only a pleasant thought for those who have been clothed in Christ.


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