2017: Page 151

Page 151 was a relaxing day following Susan’s massive seizure the evening before.  I don’t think any of us slept well, but I was still up early to go out and photograph a beautiful sunrise and some early morning scenes.  Susan woke up happy and doing well, so we headed back to Fort De Soto Park to walk the pier, that we didn’t make it to the evening before, and look for dolphin.  We found one that was playing around the pier and having fun with the fishermen.  Those fishing for large fish would use small fish as bait, and the dolphin would grab it and pull it under the pier before slipping the fish off the line for himself and leaving the fisherman with an empty hook.  Others would come up in boats and cast nets to catch “bait fish” . . . the same fish that the dolphin was there to eat. 🙂  If those casting the net weren’t paying attention, and sometimes even if they were, the dolphin would take advantage of someone collecting a group of fish together and have his meal along with the bottom of the net. 🙂

We spent the rest of the morning watching the dolphin while enjoying the beautiful weather on the pier.  As lunch time approached, we left the park and stopped for some more of the “cookie tray” seafood platters.  After our seafood feast, we rested for a while before MJ headed to the beach and Susan and I eventually made our way to the pool.  By evening, we decided to head back to Fort De Soto for the sunset as it would be a different scene than what we’ve been photographing at the beach across the street.  There was still a dolphin out playing with the fishermen and the sunset was stunning as it dropped into the gulf.  While we were watching and photographing the sunset, a man hooked a small fish on his line and asked if Susan wanted to reel it in so she could catch a fish.  She agreed to do that and then wanted to hold the fish once it was in. 🙂

We did some photographing of the pier after the sun set, and eventually decided that our last night of this vacation would have to end sometime so we headed back to our room.  We each started through the photos we had taken throughout the day before eventually deciding it was time to sleep and the rest of the photos would have to wait until we make it home.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes you need to rest and sometimes you need to just keep going.  Wisdom is knowing correctly which time you are currently at. 
  • When plans don’t work out, it is good to evaluate whether it was a good plan at the wrong time or simply a bad plan.  If it was a good plan, keep looking for the right time.  If it was a bad plan, discard it and move on.
  • Just as in fishing for fish, when fishing for men it is good to be aware of the dangers that exist before you cast your net.
  • It is much easier to be content when you are helping others find enjoyment.
  • If you’re letting your light shine, don’t worry too much about the darkness.  Your light will appear brighter when surrounded by darkness than it does when surrounded by light.



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