2017: Page 150

Wow, what a day!  Page 150 began with a peaceful and relaxing morning and eventually ended with sort of a return to that, but the in between was filled with excitement — both the good kind and the not so welcome excitement.  Today’s photo of the day is a reminder that sometimes you just have to dive in head first and pray for the best.  Now granted, it helps if you know what you’re doing or at least what you expect to accomplish.  This pelican was fishing and his diving in head first was intentional and for a purpose . . . he wanted a meal! 🙂  

The morning began somewhat cloudy so I went back to sleep for a little while after seeing that the sunrise wouldn’t be visible . . . at least not in the way I wanted to photograph.  I did go out a and shoot a few early morning photos after the sun had made an appearance an hour or so after the official sunrise time.  It was peaceful and beautiful and I didn’t have to worry about people walking into my photos . . . there weren’t any out!  Eventually we decided to head up the road a ways to see about taking a boat ride out to look for dolphins.  We had lunch and then went out for a very enjoyable ride on Little Toot — a wonderful little tugboat that we’ve been out on in years past and always enjoyed the trip.  This trip was no exception as we had a great ride and took some good dolphin photos from the boat.

After our exciting boat trip, we headed to the beach to relax and swim in the very warm gulf water.  As evening approached, we decided to head down to Fort De Soto Park to see if we could find some dolphin playing around the pier.  Our first stop at the park was on a loop with a view of the Sunshine Skyway.  We stopped and took a few photos of the bridge and a variety of birds that had gathered.  As we left there and headed to the pier area a minute away, Susan had a seizure that turned into one of her big ones.  This excitement wasn’t the welcome kind as her post-seizure state from these major ones looks rather wild and out of control.  It looks that way because that is exactly what it is.  After fighting to come back from the seizure for half an hour or so, and a visit by a park ranger, Susan was calm enough to get her into the car and head back to the room.  On the way back, a little over an hour after the seizure began, she eventually reached the calm and sorrowful stage and was happy to rest peacefully on the couch when we got to the room.  As she settled in for a good rest, I headed over to walk the beach with my camera where I could finish the day and unwind.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Excitement comes in many forms.
  • Diving in head first can get you what you want, but it can also get you killed.  It is wise to known the what, why, and how of your diving before you simply jump in.
  • Even when the view isn’t what you want, it is still possible to see beauty if you look for it.
  • I enjoy adventure, but I tend to go with what I know and have already tried than to take a chance on something new.
  • There is great beauty in watching God’s creation swim alongside you boat and playfully leap out of the water.
  • You don’t know what tomorrow will bring, let alone what the next moment will hold for you.  Make the most of every opportunity.
  • Their are often many unpleasant storms in life but after the storm is over, no matter how long it takes, there will be peace and rest.


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