2017: Page 152

Page 152 was the dreaded “travel home from vacation” day.  While I don’t really like to see our time away come to an end, I do enjoy being home so it really wasn’t all that dreaded. 🙂  I was awake early again for some final sunrise photos over the water and a last walk along the gulf beach for this trip.  Then it was time to try to make everything fit back into the suitcases and pack up the car — double and triple checking everywhere to make sure we didn’t leave anything behind.  

We had a little time between check-out and needing to be at the airport so we made a quick stop for our traditional “last day of vacation” photo and then went to a county park to walk and take some photos.  Today’s photo is of a young alligator that was one of several we saw at the park.  As I watched them, and then saw one of the adult alligators swimming out in the lake, I thought about how much they change as they grow.  Stories abound of people who find them as babies and think they are cute, so they take them home only to abandon them in public waters somewhere when they grow and mature and the cuteness turns to dangerous.  That’s often how sin takes hold in our life.  We start with what seems like just a small thing, that at the time appears cute.  But as it grows and matures, it is no longer cute at all but rather it becomes a sin that can completely devour us unless we remove it from our presence.

After our visit to the park, we ate lunch then headed to the airport where we began the process of checking our bags, going through security, and waiting for the flight.  While there are plenty of things that could easily frustrate a person on either side of the counter through that entire process, choosing a pleasant attitude sees to be the most productive for all involved.  As in our trip to begin our vacation, this return process seemed to go as smoothly as expected and we were boarding the plane without waiting very long at any point in the process.  The flight home had a brief “bumpy” time, but overall was smooth and did what was expected — got us from point A to point B safely and in an appropriate amount of time.  I believe life is a similar journey as we choose to live in Christ.  Choosing a pleasant attitude, or as Paul puts it, “learning to be content in all circumstances”, goes a long way toward making the journey enjoyable for all involved.  Yes, there may be some “bumpy” spots in life, but the goal is to reach our eternal home safely and at “just the right time”.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • The same God that calls us to rest also calls us to work.  The key is to find a healthy balance between the two.
  • While I may enjoy this journey on earth, I realize that one day it will end.  But that’s okay because I also long to be home with God.
  • Bad behavior that is laughed at as “cute” in a two year old quickly becomes obnoxious behavior when it persists into adult life.
  • It is easier to remove temptations form our life when they are thoughts — before they mature and give birth to sin which desires to devour us.
  • Our attitude is a major component as to what kind of journey we will have on this earth.  
  • Our attitude is influenced by many things but in the end, we choose what attitude we will have.
  • The journey won’t always be as smooth as you would like and may even take some detours but when you keep your mind fixed on your destination, you learn to accept the journey for what it is.


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