2017: Page 140

After working late Friday night, page 140 began early with the sounds of Susan in a seizure.  It wasn’t a major one and didn’t last long, so we all went back to sleep for a while.  Once I woke up for the day, I turned my attention to writing yesterday’s page.  The rest of the day has been spent relaxing and getting ready for some vacation time with my family.  It made me think of the wise words I heard years ago about how to correctly pack for a vacation.  They said the process is simple.  Once you’re ready and just before you leave, you open up each suitcase and take out half of the clothes.  Then you open up your wallet and double whatever cash you had planned on taking.  🙂 I know, in today’s culture where everything is put on a card and very little cash is used, the instructions may need a little modification but other than that, it seems like sound advice to me.

Today was another day with no new photos, so the photo for today’s page comes from our family vacation four years ago.  They dolphins are fun to watch as they play in the Gulf of Mexico and along the intercoastal waterway.  Each sighting turns into a photo opportunity and a desire to see more.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • A loved one in need motivates most people to action.
  • Would godly love for all people change how we act toward them?
  • If social media is any indication, I live in a nation full of angry people.
  • Some people spend more time and effort planning for a short vacation than they do for eternity.
  • If I respond in anger to things that make me angry, all I do is escalate the anger rather than share God’s love.
  • Hateful responses to angry words will rarely change anybody’s mind.
  • Peaceful words, like peaceful scenes, tend to attract people who want peace in their life.
  • Having a glimpse of godly joy in others will almost always create a desire within you to taste of that joy yourself.

Florida May 2013 012.JPG

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