2017: Page 139

Friday was a long workday as expected, so page 139 is being written the next morning.  I finally slept all the way up to my alarm going off so I felt a little more rested as I got up and headed into work.  The first thing that got my attention as I left the house was the need for a jacket.  After two days of temperatures above eighty degrees, it was going to be a struggle for this day to make it out of the forties.  The moon was shining bright overhead but the clouds were beginning to gather in the western sky.  As I went about my morning cleaning tasks, the day began to arrive with increasing light.  The official sunrise time is early enough now that it occurs in the middle of my usual morning routine.  Daylight always makes me feel better, so I am happy to see it begin earlier each day — at least while I need to do the early morning cleaning.

Once the building was ready for the day, I spent some time correcting the prayer guide I had scheduled for the first week of June.  After writing it yesterday, I had somehow sent a different one to the office to be used for the June 4 bulletin.  Fortunately that was an easy thing to correct.  It was the last day of preschool for the school year, so I kept an eye on Susan while MJ was busy with the graduation tasks and ceremony.  Once the students and family members were gone, I went out to begin round one of the mowing for the day.  I had been watching the weather radar, as they were calling for rain, and it looked like I would have a couple decent windows of time between rains throughout the day to get all the lawn mowed.  After mowing what I could around the building without disturbing any of the school classes going on, it was time to head inside for a break to warm up.  

After a cup of coffee and some chocolate, I went outside to begin round two of the mowing.  I knew I would need to get fuel for the mower before finishing for the day, but it felt like rain was on the way so I decided to mow what I could and go get fuel during the rain chased me inside.  I had most of what I wanted to mow in the back field done when a light drizzle began.  It was light enough, and I was dressed warmly enough, that I kept mowing until the back play field was done and all I would have left for later was a little bit around the building and the front lawns.  As I pulled up to the garage to put the mower away during the rain, a friend was unloading some lumber for an eventual ga-ga ball pit on the property.  I helped him unload his truck and then as I went to back the lawnmower into the garage, it died.  I restarted it and moved it about two feet before it died again.  Yep, it was out of fuel in the doorway of the garage.  We pushed it into the garage and I went inside to warm up once again before going to get a late afternoon lunch and some fuel for the mower.

It was still raining when I got back from lunch so I began a few cleaning projects to start getting the building ready for Sunday.  With an eye on the radar, it looked like it wouldn’t be long before the rain would move through and I would have a clearing to finish the mowing.  Sure enough, a little before six the rain stopped and I bundled up and went out to mow.  I may have mowed for half an hour before the drizzle returned, but my snow shoveling jacket kept me both warm and dry as I spent the next hour and a half mowing in the light rain.  Dry, that is, until my final section of mowing took me along the edge of the woods and as I mowed under the overhanging branches, I brushed against them enough that they released all of the moisture they held right down my back.  If I was tired before, I sure was awake now!  After putting the mower away, it was once again back inside to warm up and then finish the cleaning and prep to get the building ready for Sunday.  All in all, it was a good productive day and while the rain may have dampened my clothes and body, it surely didn’t dampen my spirit.

With the day busy from beginning to end, I took no new photos although in my final warm up time in the office, a beautiful woodpecker showed up outside my window while I was caught with no camera in the office and not enough light for a photo if I would have had a camera with me.  Instead, today’s photo is one from Thursday as I looked out over the lake at Potato Creek on a sunny, eighty-five degree afternoon.  It represents the peace that I had, not only during that time at the lake, but also during the cold, rainy day of mowing.  It’s a peace that God puts within me as I trust Him so the circumstances of the day don’t have the power to remove it — only I decide if it stays or not.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • The weather is a good reminder that in life what you are experiencing now may not be the same as what tomorrow will bring.   
  • While I don’t know the details of tomorrow, I do know the One who does — and I choose to trust Him.
  • Mowing is nicer when it is warm and sunny but for me, it is still relaxing to spend that time with God even when it is cold and drizzling.
  • There will be unpleasant times in life.  That doesn’t mean we have to become unpleasant people.
  • We often reflect the attitudes that people have toward us.  It would be much better if we reflected that attitude God has toward us.
  • True peace comes from our relationship with God regardless of our circumstances.


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