2017: Page 138

As expected, I was awake before the alarm went off so it was probably a wise decision to sleep last night and clean when I got up this morning.  The sky was clear when I went out to the truck on my way to work and the moon was shining brightly overhead.  With a long workday ahead tomorrow, my plan was to get today’s cleaning done then finish writing a prayer guide before heading back home.  The cleaning and building prep were routine with no surprises — just the way I like it. 🙂  As I spent time with God focused on the prayer guide, I settled on the topic of sacrificial service.  God calls each of us to serve Him through our service to one another and many times that service compels us to sacrifice something of our self.  

By mid-morning I had the prayer guide written and then formatted and scheduled it to be posted and sent out Memorial Day weekend.  Once I was done with that, I realized that I would be gone through Memorial Day and since Mondays are my usual day to write the prayer guides, I started on the next one instead of going home early.  As I thought about the prayer guide I had just written, the idea of body building came to mind for the next one.  And no, it won’t address how to increase your muscle mass or get your body into shape physically.  Instead it will focus our prayers each day on different aspects of how we ought to be involved in building up the body of Christ through the gifting and abilities God has put into our life.  With the early start, by the time this prayer guide was completed and scheduled, I had put in a full day of work and it was time to get some lunch and call it a day as far as work was concerned.

After lunch I decided to make a quick trip to Potato Creek to take a short walk and see what I could find to photograph.  It was rather windy so while I could hear many of the songbirds, the sound came from within the depths of the brush where I couldn’t see the source.  The large birds, however, seemed to be enjoying the wind.  The osprey and heron could be seen soaring on the wind currents as they would float one way and then the other with little visible effort.  Today’s photo is one of the blue herons gliding in front of a backdrop of tree foliage.  Without looking closely, he could easily blend into the background and not be seen by a casual observer.  It made me think about how we tend to soar through life.  Some people go out of their way to be noticed while others do everything they can to blend into their surroundings.  God’s desire for us is something different than either of those things.  He wants us to let our light shine in such a way that people see our good works and glorify Him!  He doesn’t want us focused on trying to get ourselves noticed and He doesn’t want us hiding our light under a basket.  He wants to be seen in and through us by all who would observe our life.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • For a guy who never liked waking up in the morning, I’m finding that I enjoy the peaceful quiet that an early morning can bring.
  • My plans need to be written in pencil, if not in disappearing ink. 
  • When my life is invested in seeking God’s plans, I find I don’t get so bent out of shape when my plans don’t work out.
  • Sacrifice and service ought to be common words and practices among Christians.
  • While physical training has some benefit, spiritual body building has value that extends to eternity.
  • When we ride on the winds of God’s Spirit, we find that the work He does in and through us is completed apart from our effort.
  • God’s desire is that He is seen by the people who observe us.


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