2017: Page 137

Page 137 began with a lot of cloud cover but the moon would peek out from behind the clouds on occasion as I made my way to work.  By the time I got to work the clouds were beginning to break up so I set up my camera to do a time-lapse recording of the sunrise.  While condensing 50 minutes of sunrise into 20 seconds, the clouds appeared to fly across the sky as they moved from the west and disappeared into the eastern horizon.  While it was recording, I did the daily cleaning and building prep as I prayed my way through the building.

Once the building was ready for the day and I had collected my camera to download the time-lapse video, I turned my attention to working on a prayer guide for the week after next as it needs to be ready a week early.  As it will be posted and published on Memorial Day weekend, I think I narrowed down the topic to something dealing with serving or remembering, or a combination of the two.  I also did some further work on outlining a workshop dealing with developing a lifestyle of prayer that I will be teaching this summer at at national student conference.  By mid-afternoon I had put in a full day and still needed to pick up some things from the store, so I headed for lunch and Sam’s Club.  After picking up the things I needed, I stopped by the river to take a short walk and shoot some photos.  Today’s photo is of a gosling who had been working on the grass in front of it.  It had a hold of a blade of grass or weed stem that seemed to be firmly attached to the ground.  I could see the gosling repeatedly tugging on it until finally it gave way and the gosling’s head flew up and its bottom hit the ground just as I snapped the photo.  You can still see that stem sticking out the side of the gosling’s beak and I chose the photo for today as a reminder of persistence.  Giving up can be a very tempting option, but it’s not a very Godly option unless we’re tugging at something that God hasn’t called us to.  God says the crown of life is given to the faithful — to those who have persevered to the end.  Following God and His ways is rarely the easy path through life, but through persistence it is the most rewarding path.

Being a Wednesday, I normally would have gone back to work and waited for the building to clear out so I could do the cleaning and prep to have it ready for tomorrow.  As I left the river, my energy level was near zero so I decided to call it a day and go in early in the morning since I’ve been waking up early each day anyhow.  I rested a little bit at home before taking care of a couple projects that needed done and then worked at getting the air conditioner going with the hopes that the bedroom will be more comfortable as I try to sleep tonight.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes it appears life isn’t moving at all until you look back and can see glimpses of where you’ve been.
  • When I set my mind to having a lifestyle of prayer, I find many things to pray about.
  • If I don’t set my mind to a lifestyle of prayer, I rarely see the things I ought to be praying about.
  • Honoring those who have given their life serving others is not just an American idea, it is God’s idea.
  • Discouragement often leads to giving up when persistence is needed.
  • Encouragement goes a long way toward helping a person persevere when times are difficult.
  • Sometimes it is important to know if the timing of your plans is your timing or God’s.  Setting aside my timing to do something later isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Setting aside God’s timing to do something later is not good.
  • Sometimes a little work when you’re weary can lead to better rest that is needed.


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