2017: Page 136

I’ve had a few good nights of sleep but I’m not sure I’ve caught up from too many restless nights in a row as I find myself running out of energy before the day ends.  Even with sleeping well, I am finding myself awake before the alarm goes off each morning so I’ve been heading into work a little earlier than usual.  Page 136 found me awake early and headed to work under the bright light of an egg-shaped moon.  There were a lot of patchy clouds on the horizon so I expected a beautiful sunrise to greet me later in the morning.  As I cleaned the building and took out the first load of trash, the patch clouds had built into a thick layer of clouds covering the entire eastern sky.  The clouds hung around for a few hours so the sunrise I had expected never appeared — at least not in the manner I had hoped. 

Once the building was ready for the day, I spent some time writing out yesterday’s page as I was too tired last night to do so.  I’m starting the writing of today’s page early this evening, so hopefully I get it finished before I decide my mind is finished for the day.  Not that I suspect it makes a huge difference when it gets written, but my mind is more at ease if I can be consistent in the process.  After posting yesterday’s page, it was time to switch hats from writer to accountant.  The rest of the workday was spent crunching numbers, balancing books, and catching up with the correspondence from the missions that the church helps to support.  

By mid-afternoon, my accounting work was done and it was time to get some lunch before heading home.  At home I followed up on some requests for information about the books I have written, then sat down for a while to allow my mind to relax.  Eventually I got up and went out to run the rototiller back through the garden space.  After last night’s work of breaking through the hardness that had developed over the winter, this tilling brought the soil to a point of softness so that it was ready to be planted in.  Once the garden work was finished for the day, I fired up the pellet grill and made some bacon cheeseburgers for dinner.  Now I’m wrapping up the day with the writing of this page and will likely head to bed early and pray for another night of good sleep.  With no new photos taken today, I chose one from Sunday evening for today’s page.  When we arrived at Potato Creek Sunday evening, the birds were filling the air with the joyous sounds of their singing.  While most of them were  hidden in the brush or didn’t stay still long enough to photograph, this cardinal sat in the evening sun long enough for me to snap a picture of him.  He flew off shortly after this photo was taken but he continued to sing even while avoiding being seen.  It seems like many people are just the opposite — we are more concerned about being seen that we are about singing songs of praise. 

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • It takes more effort to catch up on necessary sleep than it did to lose it.
  • Things change.  Sometimes they change in ways that we like and sometimes they change in ways that aren’t what we wanted.
  • It is important to realize what changes we have influence over and what changes we don’t, otherwise we get worked up over things that we can’t really do anything about.
  • Just because something doesn’t look like you expected it to doesn’t mean it didn’t happen like it was supposed to.
  • If you want a wider view of the kingdom of God, spend some time reading newsletters from missionaries and correspond with them.
  • Hard ground can be made soft again and through the power of God, hard hearts can be made soft as well.
  • Our songs of praise ought to be noticed by the people around us even if they don’t notice us.


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