2017: Page 141

Page 141 was day one of a family vacation.  I’m thinking that may mean my daily pages are abbreviated to a daily photo and perhaps a few thoughts on the day and/or the photo.  We had originally planned on taking two days and driving down to Florida but found a good rate on flights, so we flew down.  This may have been one of the smoothest flights we’ve taken, as far as the process went.  It never felt like we were waiting very long at any point of the check-in, security, or boarding process.  

Today’s photo is of a “skimmer” in action.  These birds cruise the shoreline with open beak, skimming the surface of the water to scoop up an evening meal.  While these were skimming the surface, other birds were diving into the breaking waves hoping to catch their meal in a different manner.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Sometimes even good routines need to change in order to focus on something different for a time.
  • If  your focus is on the destination, a smooth journey is a bonus — the real reward is reaching the destination regardless of how the journey goes.
  • God has provided food for the birds of the air but they don’t all get that food in the same manner — in fact, not all birds were created to survive on the same diet.  
  • God made you to be unique as you serve Him and thrive in the environment He created you for.


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