2017: Page 111

While it has felt like a long day, page 111 will end up being a shorter workday than most Fridays are for me.  I slept in too late to get breakfast, but I did make it to the college in time to get my display set up before the start of the convention.  When I checked the schedule out last night, I noticed a name that was familiar so I wondered if it was the same person I knew.  Sure enough, as I was setting up the display an individual who had been a student in my first youth ministry stopped by to say hello.  He and his wife were leading the opening worship time to get the convention started.  It was good to see him and even better to see him honoring God with his life and abilities.

The day has been a combination of spending time with God, listening to teaching, and talking with people about prayer and the ministry God is doing through me.  In one of those times with God, I took advantage of a break in the schedule to take a short walk along a path that runs between the shopping mall and a housing development.  There were a variety of spring flowers blooming along the path and the birds were continuously singing their songs of praise as I walked.  I was trying to photograph some cardinals who were not being very cooperative, when I noticed movement in the underbrush that was more than just birds flitting around.  As I looked more closely, there were three deer grazing nearby with little concern that I was there.  A short time later, I found a raccoon peeking out of a hollow tree that seemed as interested in me as I was in him.  It made me think about how often I miss things because I’m not looking for anything.  More specifically,  how often do I miss the working of God simply because I’m not looking for Him to be doing anything in my life.  

After an evening spent talking to people about the prayer ministry, I stopped for dinner on the way back to my room.  Now I’m sitting here writing today’s page while eating butter brickle ice cream (technically frozen custard) from Culver’s as it was cheaper to buy a pint and bring back to the room with me than to have a two-scoop sundae while I was there. 🙂

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Priorities say that you do what is important to you even if it costs you something you enjoy.
  • I get it when John writes that he has no greater joy than to hear that his children walk in the truth.
  • Seeing people from a dark time period in my life who are honoring God today, not only reminds me of the pain from that time but also of the good God was doing in spite of the pain.
  • There are days that my mind tells me, or at least the enemy whispers quite loudly in my mind, that I do so little good that my breathing is a waste of good air.
  • On those days, God uses people, places, and/or things to remind me that He doesn’t love me because of what I do, He loves me because of who I am.
  • Many times God’s love and presence seems to be highly elusive but when we seek Him with our whole heart we find He has been near all along.
  • The enemy knows how to discourage.  God knows how to encourage.  Which one do you listen to most?


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