2016: Page 305

I guess the time spent late last week doing inventory and ordering books for ICOM caught up with me overnight as page 305 began with a realistic feeling dream that I arrived at the conference and for some reason had not taken any display material with me.  Panic was starting to set in as my dream found me arriving outside the conference hall without having packed anything — no display, no resources, and no suitcase with clothes for the week.  With that kind of start to the day, once I woke up I figured the day had to get better, right?  And it did.  The real day began with the Monday morning cleaning as I got the building ready for the day.  Once the building was ready for the start of the school day, I settled in to spend time with God as we put together the prayer guide for next week.  I eventually settled on the topic of power as I considered the “all-surpassing power” that God has chosen to place into these “jars of clay”.  So often, we try to do things in our own power and eventually wonder why we consistently come up short.  The power of God’s Spirit within us is designed to be revealed through our weaknesses.  It is when we recognize we can’t and allow God to do, His power comes through to display His incredible glory.  The Bible tells us of a variety of things that we have been given power for.  Each day in the upcoming prayer guide will focus on a different purpose behind the power God has made available to us.

The prayer guide development took most of the morning.  After it was done I turned my attention to my Wednesday evening first through third grade class and then spent time working on sermon development for a message I’ll share at the North Wayne Mennonite Church this coming Sunday.  The last time I was there, I began a character study series on “Living as the Lord’s Servant” that will look at various Bible characters that are specifically referred to as the Lord’s servant.  The first message looked at the example of Abraham with the focus being the Lord’s servant obeys.  The message I’m working on for this weekend is “Living as a HUMBLE Servant” as we will consider the life of Moses.  Humility is a characteristic that we generally don’t pursue naturally.  To live a humble life usually requires intentional effort to overcome and get rid of pride.  If we desire to be the Lord’s servant in the manner He would desire, we must make a deliberate effort to remove pride from our lives and seek to live in complete humility.  As the afternoon slipped away, I put the sermon work on simmer and headed home for the day.  

I pray that you and I would live lives that are prepared for the work God has called us to.  I pray that we would take inventory of the resources God has put in our lives for the benefit of others.  I pray that we would recognize the incredible power that is available to us through the Spirit of God which lives within us.  I pray that we would live with the knowledge of God’s desire to work with great power through our weaknesses.  I pray that empty ourselves of all pride and seek to live with humility in complete service to God.

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