2017: Page 110

Page 110 was the rest day in between a long workday on Wednesday and long workdays coming on Friday and Saturday.  I was awake and enjoying my morning glass of grapefruit juice by 8 AM, which has become my new definition of sleeping in.  Susan slept in a little longer than I did, which gave me the opportunity to simply enjoy some quiet time with God as I prayed for my friend and coworker who would have knee replacement surgery today.  When Susan was finally ready to wake up, I helped her get ready for the day and then she enjoyed watching me play some Wii games for a while.  Eventually she went out and sat on the porch swing for a while and I fired up the pellet grill to have bacon cheeseburgers once again.  

After lunch I did some work on a few photos I had taken and then started putting things together for my trip to the Michigan Christian Convention.  On one trip up from the basement, we found Susan in an unresponsive seizure on the couch.  It went on for a while and required extra meds to bring her out of it which generally means a chaotic scene as her brain wiring fights to reconnect.  Sure enough, it wasn’t long after the additional medication that she fought her way out of the seizure — with fought being the key word.  The process requires some degree of restraint to keep her from seriously injuring herself, but it leaves all of us with bruises and scrapes that I’m sure is just a fraction of the discomfort she ends up enduring.

While it was good that I was there to help with the process of getting through the seizure, I did need to get my Friday morning work done tonight so I could hit the road before it got too late.  Susan was resting peacefully on the couch as I said goodbye and went in to do the cleaning and prep to have the building ready for tomorrow.  Once it was ready, I headed out for Lansing, Michigan where I will set up the prayer ministry display first thing tomorrow morning.  As I drove to the east, I could see the sun and clouds setting up behind me for what had the potential to be a decent looking sunset.  As I eventually turned to head north, the clouds had begun to build up to the point where I knew I would have a small window of opportunity to capture the scene that would present itself.  I took the first exit off the highway and stopped at the top of the interchange to shoot some photos as the sun streamed through the clouds with golden beams of light touching the earth.  As I continued my trip, it wasn’t long before the entire sky was overcast and the visible traces of the sunset were gone.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Each of us have work that is ours to do.  God’s desire is that we would do it as if we were working for Him — because we are.
  • Sometimes God gives us times of quietness for the purpose of our spending time with Him.
  • Planned quiet times are good and necessary, but unplanned ones usually have a reason that becomes obvious if we are still enough to listen.
  • Praying for one another ought to be a joy and not a burden.
  • Enjoy the times of peace God brings into your life because we often have no idea what is coming next.
  • Keeping someone from seriously hurting themselves can be painful but we do it anyhow when we love someone.
  • The scrapes and bruises of life really are “light and momentary afflictions” when compared to the surpassing greatness of God’s love.
  • As in photos, some opportunities with people are open-ended while others only exist for a limited amount of time.  Since we rarely know which we currently face, it is best to make the most of every opportunity by doing good when it is within our means to do so.


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