2017: Page 80

Page 80 felt like a multi-season day.  As I headed out the door early, the moon was shining brightly but it was shrouded in a haze of high altitude moisture.  It looked and felt like the early spring morning that it was as I drove to work.  As I cleaned the building and took the trash out, the fog was rising off the ground in the pre-dawn darkness.  With the haze floating across the ground and a scattering of clouds in the sky, I set up my camera to record the sunrise as I went back inside to finish the building prep for the day.  Once the building was ready, I went back outside to shoot a few still photos and collect the time-lapse video that covered fifty minutes of the rising sun.  

Back inside, I spent the morning taking care of some missions tasks and beginning the monthly accounting and record-keeping for the missions work of the church.  As I worked, the sun continued to rise so I headed outside to take care of some tasks on the preschool playground.  A few weeks ago, a wind storm had rearranged some of the safety surface tiles and I have been waiting for a sunny, summer-like day to warm the tiles up enough that they would go back together easily.  They snap together like puzzle pieces and working on the black rubberized surface with the sun shining brightly on my back made it feel like summer.

By early afternoon I finished up the work on the playground and left to take care of some off-site tasks and get a late lunch.  After lunch I picked up my family and we headed down to Potato Creek to do some walking and take photos.  The park has a number of pair of Osprey that live there during spring, summer, and fall and today we saw the first pair that have returned from their winter away.  Today’s photo is one of the Osprey in the midst of a work in progress.  Every spring when they arrive, they build a huge nest where they will raise their young.  By late summer they begin to tear apart the nest until there is essentially nothing left when they head out for the winter.  Each year this process is repeated as they arrive in the park and start out with a fresh nest.  As we hiked through the park the temperature had dropped, a cold wind was blowing, and the sun was hidden behind some dense cloud cover making it feel more like a late fall day than early spring.  

At the end of our walk, we drove around to where we often see a Bald Eagle or two and I was able to photograph one as it soared overhead.  It wasn’t willing to land while we were there, but it is beautiful to watch as it glides through the sky.  As I unwind this evening and write today’s page, the temperature continues to drop with a forecasted low down into the twenties.  So with a day that began feeling like spring before changing to summer-like weather and then into an autumn feel, it’s going to end up feeling like winter.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Change is inevitable.  Sometimes it’s faster than we would want, sometimes it’s slower than we would want, and often it’s not what we want but it still happens.
  • The change that we have the most control over is our choice to change into the likeness of Christ.  He has to make the change in us, but we have to choose it.
  • The change that we likely have the least control over is to change someone else to become like us.
  • Many things, including the human will, are easier to work with under conditions which make them soft and pliable.
  • We often hate the idea of starting over because we don’t do it often enough to realize its benefits.  
  • A big part of beginning fresh is to get rid of every part of the old that holds us back.
  • Deliberately beginning each day fresh with God helps to free us from the mess of yesterday’s struggles.  
  • When it is our ideas that lead us into trouble and failure, it won’t be our ideas that lead us out.


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