2017: Page 79

I’m tired.  I have a mind that processes right and wrong in very black and white terms yet I live in a world that operates in various realms of gray.  The old song that says, “This world is not my home, I’m just a passing through” is a constant reminder that I need to figure out how to live as a visitor in a world that I don’t belong to.  I also realize that this is a time of year that I typically come out of a season of weariness.  It is in these times of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual weariness that I must be very careful to remember that I am responsible for my own integrity, not that of others.  

Page 79 began early as I needed to be at work to meet our pest control serviceman shortly before 6 AM.  As he did his work, I began my morning cleaning and building prep routine.  Going through the building in the early morning, I looked at some issues that had been brought to my attention on Sunday but couldn’t duplicate the problem they had described.  I’ll keep an eye on things this week and if nothing becomes apparent I will check with them for further details.  Once the building was ready for the day and the students began arriving, I settled in with God to work on the prayer guide for next week.  As I spent time listening, I settled on the topic of being ready.  The obvious, or hopefully obvious, part of being ready is our need to be ready for the return of Jesus.  But there are other things that the Bible says believers should be ready for, so as the morning progressed the prayer guide took form with a different aspect of being ready to pray about each day next week.

After I had the prayer guide written, formatted, and scheduled to send out Sunday morning, I had a conversation with a friend and coworker before heading to an afternoon lunch followed by a trip to pick up some janitorial supplies.  After picking up the supplies I headed to a park to enjoy a late afternoon walk with my family.  Even though it was an overcast day, the birds were plentiful and they filled the park with their joyous music.  One of them made it as the photo for today’s page.  He had flown into a tree in front of me and it took a long time for me to see where he landed as his coloring, or lack of it, helped him blend into his surroundings.  It was the song that helped me to narrow down the location so I could take the photo.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • There are many ways to be weary.  Understanding the ways in which we are weary and some of the why we are weary, should help us to know what is needed to overcome the weariness.
  • When we live as a citizen of the kingdom of God, we should expect times when we don’t feel at home in any kingdom of this world.
  • Controlling the response of others to the ways of the world is not my responsibility.  Giving control of my response over to God is my responsibility.
  • What one person sees as a problem may not be apparent to someone else looking at the same thing.  
  • Being ready for the return of Jesus is where our “being ready” needs to begin.
  • Sometimes when we can’t see with our eyes, we need to listen.   


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