2017: Page 264

Page 264 was a long, busy, great day so I’m writing the page in the middle of the next morning after I’ve done my morning work and am ready for a break before the evening shift to get the building ready for the weekend.  As I drove to work, I thought back to 36 years ago when I woke up in the morning as a single guy and was married before the day was over.  As I look back, I hope I’ve learned some things over the years that have made our marriage stronger now than it has ever been.  But whether it is in marriage, our relationships with others, or even our relationship with God — the secret isn’t so much in what we learn, but in what we put into practice.

At work I was greeted by six deer who were waiting for me in the parking lot when I arrived.  It was too dark to get any photos, so after I said hello I went about my usual prayer, cleaning, and building prep tasks.  Once the building was ready for the day, I took care of some maintenance issues and followed up on some correspondence.  By the time the morning was over, I had arranged a date and location for a spring Growing Strong retreat — as soon as I get the contract filled out and sent in with the down payment to finalize the retreat center booking, I will share more details.  I’ll say this for now, the dates will be March 16-18, 2018 and the location is in southern Indiana.

Being our anniversary, I finished up my work at noon so I could spend the afternoon with my wife and daughter.  We headed north to Ludington, Michigan with the hope of getting there in time to climb the lighthouse in addition to taking photos in the area.  It was a beautiful afternoon for a drive and by the time we finished the nearly two mile walk from the parking area to the lighthouse, we had half an hour to go up the lighthouse before it closed.  Susan’s been having a lot of seizure activity lately, so MJ and I took turns going up while the other watched Susan so she didn’t have to climb the 118 foot tower.

After taking a lot of photos around the lighthouse area, we made our way back down the trail to the truck.  As we walked, a couple deer joined us just off the trail in the edge of the woods.  They were curious for a while and let us take some photos before they decided to move deeper into the woods where they couldn’t be seen.  A little further down the trail, Susan pointed out a deer ahead of us even before MJ or I had seen it.  I guess we are training our photography assistant well. 🙂  As we left Ludington State Park, where the Big Sable Point Lighthouse is, we stopped in Ludington to photograph the lighthouse on the pier there.  While we were there, God began to paint the sky in such an incredible way that we stayed until after the sun had set before beginning our journey home.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Some things are worth celebrating — and having someone stay with me for 36 years is one of those things. 🙂
  • Learning is a good thing.  Applying what you learn is what makes the learning valuable.
  • Most people move a little more quickly with the right motivation.
  • For as long as mankind has used boats and ships to transport people and goods, they have understood the importance of warning others of dangerous waters.
  • Even with lighthouses and warning beacons, there are still shipwrecks and ships still run aground — not everyone pays attention to the warnings.
  • God has provided the Light of the World to us, and through us, to warn of the dangerous waters in life.
  • Even with adequate warning, there are times we still find ourselves shipwrecked and run aground simply because we failed to heed the warnings.
  • God is the Master ____________ . . . tonight it was Master Painter in addition to everything else.

Too much goodness in the day for one photo, so here are a few from the day’s celebration.  Wow God!!

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