2017: Page 61

I ended up working late last night and then slept more soundly than I have in a long time.  I was awake at 7, which has now become “sleeping in”, and noticed the sun starting to light up the eastern horizon.  It looked like it would be worth taking some photos, so I got dressed and headed outside.  I have trees in all directions from the house, so I went out to the road where the clearest view to the horizon is possible.  As I went out, I noticed everything had iced over after I got home last night making the driveway and walks at home quite slippery.  So, I headed to work to put down some ice melt on the walks so they would be clear for the preschool classes and teachers in-service day.  

While work is only two miles from home, as I pulled into the driveway it appeared that there wasn’t nearly as much snow cover on the ground.  When I drove up to the building, the sidewalks appeared to be clear and dry.  While the meant my trip was unnecessary as far as work goes, it also meant I had a better view of the sunrise to take pictures.  I pulled around to the back of the building and took a number of photos as the sun made it’s way over the horizon and then the tree line.  As I finished my photo taking and headed home so Susan didn’t have to wake up, I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed the sun making its way over the building.  The sight was enough to cause me to stop on one side of the driveway and shoot a few more photos before heading home.  Today’s photo is one that would have been missed had I not payed attention to my surroundings as I drove away.  Sometimes we settle for good because we don’t anticipate, and look for, better.  We become so comfortable and satisfied with the work of God in our life that we no longer look for the “more than we can think or imagine” that He still wants to do.

After taking a few photos from the driveway, I headed home so MJ could go to work and Susan could keep sleeping.  While Susan slept, I went through the photos I had taken and shared a few online for others to enjoy.  Even with snow on the ground, by mid-morning I fired up the pellet grill and put some pork chops on to slow cook so we would have smoked pork chops for lunch.  The rest of the day was spent in a combination of relaxing and letting the sermon points for Sunday soak in and simmer.  In talking with others, I’ve come to believe that my sermon prep process is not exactly normal, but I’ve rarely claimed to be normal. 🙂  In fact, those close to me believe it is something in the Asperger’s family that God uses to create the perspective I have in my writing, preaching, teaching, and photography.  Sometimes it is difficult to keep focused on how God uses those differences in thought processing for His good purposes when others don’t appreciate the perspective they bring.  Like all things, the key lies in staying focused on why we do what we do and on Who we’re doing it for.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • It’s good to wake up refreshed.  It’s even better to live refreshed.
  • Weather conditions where you are may be different from even those that are nearby.  Just because someone lives near you, it doesn’t mean their life conditions are the same as yours.  You won’t know until you spend the time to be with them.
  • Sometimes a glimmer of light is all that is needed to make a person seek more.
  • Is your life a glimmer of light to others or is it a tree that keeps the light from being seen?
  • Good is good, but don’t dwell so firmly in the good that you miss the better and best.
  • We’re all unique, even different some might say.  Seek God for how He wants to use the uniqueness He has gifted you with.
  • People won’t always understand you and you won’t always understand them.  Listening usually leads to better understanding than arguing.
  • Faithfulness is God’s measure of success.


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