2017: Page 60

After a stormy night with very interrupted sleep, heading into work early to get the cleaning and building prep done for the day wasn’t as difficult as one might think.  Keeping at it until late tonight to get the building ready for tomorrow may be a different story.  🙂  Once I get today’s page written, I will see how I feel and how much I get done.  I did find out by accident, and then later got an email, that the students don’t have school here tomorrow so it will just be the teachers and preschool, so that will change a little bit of both what needs done and when it needs done by.

After getting the building ready for the day, I spent a little time continuing work on the sermon for Sunday before heading out to help a church member move to a different apartment.  We moved things from a lower level apartment which meant we had to carry everything up a flight of stairs to get it out of the building, to an upper level apartment which meant we had to carry everything up a flight of stairs to get it into the apartment.  That meant that my wrist-worn activity tracker finally said I met goal in flights of stairs climbed — a goal I rarely meet as I don’t have much stair usage in a normal day.  As we were carrying things into the new apartment, a friend that was helping asked me jokingly if the Wednesday services at church would be canceled tonight — the carrying boxes and furniture up and down stairs was wearing all of us out.  My reply was, “I’m pretty sure this is Wednesday services, so coming to the church building later is up to you.”  Gathering together for Bible study and fellowship is important, but serving brothers and sisters who are in need is equally, if not more, important.  It made me think of the teaching of Jesus regarding the Sabbath being made for the benefit of people rather than people being created so there would be someone to keep the Sabbath.

By early afternoon the majority of the things, and all the heavy items, were moved so I headed to the store to pick up some things for the office before heading back to work.  As I went back to working on the sermon, I found myself in a battle to keep from nodding off.  I persevered and kept at it until I needed to do a building walk-through and take out trash before the Wednesday evening Bible studies.  By late afternoon, the temperature had dropped and the morning rain had changed to snow.  Today’s photo shows the snow clinging to the trees and brush that were earlier filled with birds singing their songs of spring.  While the white coating on everything presents an appearance of beauty and purity, it is also a reminder that winter isn’t over.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • The storms of life can be loud and disruptive, but they don’t have to keep us from doing what we ought.
  • Sometimes we have to look deep within our self, and then look beyond our self to God, to find the strength to carry on.
  • I’m guessing building designers don’t anticipate they will ever have to move someone’s belongings.
  • I’m often asked to pray that God would make the plans of a person or group work like they want them to.  I’m rarely, if ever, asked to pray that a person or group would make God’s plan work in their midst.  Regardless of what I’m asked, I always pray the second.
  • If we’re too busy to serve others, we’re too busy.
  • God looks at the heart of a person, not the church attendance record of a person.  
  • The heart that seeks God ought to lead us to involvement in a church body and involvement in being the church body outside the building.
  • God’s promise to forgive our sins and to completely cleanse us from all unrighteousness is a beautiful thing.


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