2017: Page 59

Page 59 has been a dreary looking day with storms in the forecast through the nighttime hours.  A service tech was scheduled to be at the house this morning in an attempt to address some of the concerns I had with a recent phone and internet installation.  So, after the early morning cleaning and building prep, I headed home to work on a sermon for the weekend while I waited for the tech.  I really just needed information about a wire that was left on top of the ground to be buried later.  My communication with the support department yesterday resulted in them scheduling a visit by a service tech because they could not answer my questions.  I was thankful that they didn’t just brush me off but was willing to send someone out to make sure my questions were answered correctly.  And it was nice to work from home and be able to let Susan sleep in, which she did quite well. 🙂

The sermon I’m working on is a part of the “Living As a Servant of the Lord” series I’ve been working on.  For the series, I’ve chosen a variety of characters who are described in the Bible as being a servant to the Lord.  Some of the characters make the claim about themselves and others are described as such by someone else.  So far I’ve looked at Abraham, Moses, Anna & Simeon, Mary, and Joshua.  Next up in the series is a look at the life of Samson.  Samson is an interesting servant of the Lord because we see him making very deliberate stands for God as well as making very poor decisions at times.  Does that sound like anyone you know without pointing fingers beyond yourself?  Even while being on the receiving end of some horrible consequences of his bad decisions, Samson continued to seek ways to serve the Lord — even at the cost of his own life.  Too often, we make poor decisions and somehow believe, or have been taught, that we are no longer able to be used by God.  For me, the life of Samson teaches us that even in the midst of the consequences we may face, we still have the choice to live as a servant of the Lord.

As I worked on the sermon, the service tech came, answered my questions satisfactorily, and left.  He even left my his phone number, and the phone number of his boss, should I have further questions when the sub-contractor comes out to bury the new wire that is needed from the pole to the house.  Eventually, I wrapped up the sermon work for the day and headed out for a late lunch with my family.  After lunch, I found a great deal on airfare that made more sense than the original plan of driving to Florida for an early summer vacation.  So, I booked the flights, reserved a rental car, and tweaked the lodging reservations I had already made so they matched the flight availability schedule.  With the busy day and uncooperative weather, I took no new photos today.  So after firming up some details for a family vacation, I chose a photo from last year to show we really do believe in vacations with a porpoise. 🙂

And just for fun, my computer crashed as I tried to finish up today’s page.  Fortunately, most of it was auto-saved and I am finishing it up on my laptop. 

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • You won’t have the answer to everything.  When you don’t know, the best first step is admitting you don’t know.
  • After admitting you don’t know something, a good second step is to find someone who does know the answer to what is being asked.
  • God uses all kinds of people to accomplish His work.
  • Living as the Lord’s servant looks different from person to person because we each have service to do that matches our unique gifting and calling.
  • Unwise decisions often have consequences, but those consequences don’t have to keep us from continuing to be the Lord’s servant.
  • Sometimes planning for, and anticipating, a time of rest can provide enough of a boost to carry us through the routines of life as we anticipate what is to come.
  • Planing for, and anticipating, an eternal home with God should give us an even greater boost to carry us through the daily routines of life until we receive our reward.
  • When lived for Christ, life does have purpose.


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