2017: Page 48

Page 48 has been a full day and I’m trying hard not to get the sinus crud that seems to be going around in my family.  As I did the morning cleaning and took the first load of trash out, the eastern sky was lit up in a brilliant variety of red and pink shades.  It was still twenty minutes before the official sunrise time so I grabbed my cameras and set one up to time-lapse photograph the sunrise and took some still shots with my other camera.  However, instead of the sun coming up and adding to the color and brilliance of the morning sky, the clouds kept stacking up.  And instead of the sunrise I was expecting, the colors quickly faded to a drab gray.  My time-lapse video ended up with a very brief amount of color at the beginning and then a quick change to clouds and gray skies.  While a little disappointed, I was glad I noticed the brief window of time to catch the incredible beauty while it lasted.

After finishing up the cleaning and building prep, I did some work in the office and caught up on messages in my email inbox and on my social media accounts.  As I worked, I noticed the clouds had kept moving by and the sky was not mostly clear and sunny but the birds had not shown up in the brush outside my window.  As I stopped to look more closely, I noticed a new friend sunning herself at the edge of the woods.  All of a sudden it made sense as to why the birds had found somewhere else to go for food this morning.  Today’s photo is of my new friend as the sun poured down upon her and she was soaking it all in.  It made me think of satan roaming about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.  We would do well to learn from the birds and flee from the presence of the enemy regardless of how pleasant and peaceful he may look.

I spent part of the morning with a friend and then went down to Potato Creek to spend some time with God in prayer.  Most of the time I go down there, I end up walking quite a few miles but today I found myself sitting more than walking as I took in all the sights and sounds that were around me as I prayed.  Doing so allowed me to see a greater variety of birds than the few I would typically notice while on a hike.  I think sometimes we all need a little change of pace to help us maintain purpose and meaning in what we do.

Late afternoon and evening was spent back at work as I got the building cleaned and ready for Sunday.  It looked like the sunset rivaled the beauty of the early part of the sunrise but I was focused on getting my work done and trying to get home well before midnight so I didn’t stop to take any photos.  

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • When a moment is gone, it’s gone — the memory may remain but the moment will never return.  So, make the most of each moment while you can.
  • In the current political debate about (you pick the subject), I have friends on either end of the discussion as well as some scattered in between.  All of them are convinced that Jesus is, or would be, on their side.  I wonder how much we would need to change if we were more concerned about being on His side than we are about Him being on our side.
  • In what ways has satan been trying to devour you?  What do you need to flee from?
  • Changing a good routine to something different every once in a while can be a good way to remember and keep meaning in our routines of life.
  • Sometimes listening needs to be a more active part of our life.
  • The instruction to “be still and know that He is God” ought to challenge each of us to greater stillness more often than it probably does.


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