2017: Page 47

After a long day and late night of work on Wednesday, page 47 has been a day of rest.  That meant I was able to sleep in and Susan was able to sleep in even longer.  When I got up I spent some time going through more of the photos I took Sunday during our trip to Lake Michigan.  The ones I went through and shared today included several that were of people in, and on, the water surfing and kite-surfing.  While the air temperature was above freezing while we were there, the water was still filled with chunks of ice as the water temperature couldn’t be much above freezing.  It made me think of the commitment to the sport on the part of those in the water.  What is it that you and I are committed to at that level, if anything?  Does my time with God in His Word, in prayer, and in listening take place no matter what?  Do I overcome what others may see as obstacles as I seek to live a Christ-like life in all things.

Susan eventually woke up and I helped her get ready for the day before firing up the pellet grill to make some bacon cheeseburgers for lunch.  After lunch the afternoon was spent relaxing, playing some video games, and looking at some vacation options for early summer.  While I didn’t find anything definite, it was fun on a cold day to consider the features of a warmer season and climate.  As the day winds down with little accomplished other than rest, it is clear that was enough.  Today’s photo is one from yesterday’s brief trip to Potato Creek.  The wind coming off the lake was extremely cold, but the beauty of the sky was as breathtaking as the cold wind. 

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Even on a day off, I was up at 5:30 AM which is my usual workday wake-up time.  While I went back to sleep rather quickly, it shows the value of building good routines and habits.
  • It is easy to make excuses for why we don’t do the good we know we ought to.
  • True commitment says that the excuses do not win.
  • When it comes to commitment, legalism can be just as dangerous as laziness.  God looks at the heart.
  • The same God that created good work for us to do, also designed us to need rest.
  • Social media makes it far too easy to respond to people in ways we wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, do if we were standing face to face.
  • We don’t have to respond to everything we see and hear . . . and probably shouldn’t.
  • It is better to let God take our breath away with the beauty of His handiwork than to let the world take it away with the coldness of its breath.


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