2017: Page 5

Page 5 was the day to try to finally catch up from the long work hours early in the week.  While I enjoy a day off to catch up on rest, it is also good to be able to let Susan sleep in as the ups and downs of the weather this week has been reflected in the way she feels.  As the morning began, I finished going through the photos I took yesterday during a late afternoon hike at Potato Creek.  While the shadows were long, the bright sun shining upon the path was a welcome walking companion.  Today’s photo is a view down one of the old roadway paths with the soon to set sun peeking in from the side.  The scene makes me think of the scripture that describes God’s Word as a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

After Susan got up, I helped her get her meds and breakfast before we headed out for a little road trip to pick up some beef for the freezer.  The outside temperature display in the truck said it was 11 degrees and the weather report on the radio eventually said the wind chill was setting at negative 1 degree.  That was too cold for a family hike, so after going out to have lunch and pick up some groceries, I got on the stationary bike at home and put in a little over 7 miles.  With a bag of Lindt Lindor truffle balls sitting on my desk beside my keyboard I’m not too sure how helpful the walking and biking really is, but I figure it has to help more than not doing it. 🙂  After my “bike ride”, I enjoyed some good chili that MJ made and then began the writing of today’s page.  Overall, an uneventful day and a good day.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Planning for a day of rest each week is not just a good idea, it’s God’s idea.
  • Full-time ministry, as well as many other occupations, often requires creativity to be able to make rest a priority.
  • Today I thought about the connection I have with my daughter and the way God uses my brain wiring to help me understand her.
  • I also thought about how my brain wiring makes it difficult to feel like I fit in anywhere.
  • I am thankful that God not only creates each person uniquely, He has a plan and desire to use His unique creations for His purposes.
  • Exercise of the body is of some benefit, strengthening my spiritual walk is of greater benefit . . . sometimes I can work on both areas together.
  • God’s Word lighting my way is the only way to live.


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