2017: Page 4

After finishing out page 3 monitoring the heating systems at work following a power outage, page 4 began with a checking of those systems to make sure the reset had held.  Power outages have had a history of doing strange things to the electronic controls of our HVAC system at work so it was good to see that everything seemed to be running smoothly this morning.  Much of the rest of the morning was spent finishing up the missions record-keeping that was interrupted by yesterday’s loss of electricity.  I also tried to do some follow-up on the status of the upcoming Camp Leaders’ Conference, but found nothing new.  It is scheduled to be held at a hotel in Gatlinburg that had considerable smoke damage from the fires that swept through the area last fall.  It is a beautiful facility and I pray that things are restored enough for the conference to take place at that location as planned.  

Throughout the morning light snow fell steadily and a variety of birds descended upon the brush outside my office window to collect more of the red berries which are still plentiful.  At one point, one of them flew directly into my office window and startled me . . . although it was probably more surprised than I was.  By early afternoon, I had finished up the projects I was working on and headed out to run some work-related errands and stop by the post office to mail out some of the final 2017 Bible reading calendars that I have left. I had a good conversation with the clerk at the post office after she asked about the contents of the mailing.  She noticed that two of them were going to a correctional institution and felt that it was a good thing to be sending positive material to individuals there.

As I finished up my errands and was getting ready for a late lunch, the sun began to break through the clouds.  The mix of sun, clouds, and blue sky seemed to be begging to be photographed so after I grabbed some lunch, my family and I headed down to Potato Creek for a family walk in the rather cold evening air.  By the time we finished a 4+ mile hike, the sun was beginning to set with great beauty in a mostly clear sky.  Today’s photo was taken on our way out of the park as I shot the setting sun through one of the hanging directional signs.  It made me think of the people in the days of Jesus (and today) that kept looking for, wanting, and asking for a sign and completely missed that the light of the world was there right in front of them.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Eating lunch/dinner at midnight isn’t the most conducive to a good night’s sleep.  
  • There is always at least one thing that gets missed when you reset clocks, timers, etc after a power outage . . . this time it was the parking lot lights timer.
  • There is a difference between giving sacrificially and living sacrificially.  Both are good, but there is a difference.  The important thing is to be doing the one God calls you to do, when He calls you to do it.
  • Sometimes opportunities to do good appear so small that we miss their importance.  Always do good to others when you have the opportunity.
  • God has promised to put His Spirit within His children so that we can be His light to the world.
  • Don’t get hung up with a desire for signs and wonders, God has already made His light shine upon us through His Son, Jesus.


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