2017: Page 3

Page 3 of this year’s adventure has been a long day at work.  It wasn’t planned that way, but as I was preparing to leave this afternoon, the electricity went out.  That meant the building’s alarm system would not be powered and it is always uncertain if the boilers will restart on their own after a power outage, so I stayed around to keep an eye on things so I would be there to do a manual restart of the boilers if needed.  With an overcast sky to hide the moon and all of the outside lighting off due to the lack of electricity, it got dark rather quickly.  On one of my rounds through the building after dark I noticed a few deer outside along the fence.  I grabbed my camera and opened up the shutter setting to see if I could get a few half-decent photos.  Today’s photo appears that one of the deer is waiting for me to come out so she can ask about getting a ride. 🙂

My morning consisted of a combination of missions account record-keeping and general maintenance and cleaning.  I had equipment that was due for an inspection/testing in order to get a necessary state permit, so I called to schedule that and they ended up coming out today to get the work done.  I also began ordering books to restock my supply and packed a few of the remaining Bible reading calendars that I had left to send them out to fulfill some requests.  I’ve arranged with the Christian Camp Leaders’ Conference to provide a copy of Impact Prayer Ministry’s latest devotional book to each person attending the upcoming conference, so I’m trying to stretch my available funds to not only have those available, but to have copies of the other books and resources to take to the conference also.

As I reflect on the day, here are some thoughts/lessons that stand out to me:

  • Not every day will go as expected.  In fact, in my experience, most of them probably won’t.  And that’s okay.
  • It’s easy to hear what we want to hear instead of what we need to hear.  It’s much better to hear what we need to hear instead of what we want to hear.
  • In discussing Sunday’s sermon, people are much more eager to talk about praying with purpose and expectation than they are about praying with repentance.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to know how to pray when a request is wrapped around a person or group’s purpose and expectations and you’re trying to pray in a way that honors God’s purpose and expectations.
  • An empty building gets cold rather quickly when it’s cold and wet outside and the power goes out.  An empty person gets cold even more quickly when they are disconnected from the power of God.
  • God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.  Which side of that equation do you want to be on?  What are you doing about it?
  • He who is faithful with a little will be given more; but he who is not faithful, even the little he does have will be taken from him.  How faithful are you with what you’ve been given?


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