2016: Page 355

Page 355 began as a cold morning but the twelve degree temperature didn’t feel that cold as it was a full twenty-five degrees warmer than the negative thirteen degrees that yesterday began with.  Even with no fresh snow, the morning cleaning takes longer at this time of year as there is usually extra floor cleaning that needs done each day to take care of all the winter crud that gets tracked in.  In addition to the extended morning cleaning, I ended up with heating system issues to work on throughout the morning.  It seems like there are always adjustments and work that needs to be done to the heating and cooling system at work.  

While I would love it if the system would maintain an appropriate temperature throughout the building without the constant attention, the work required does serve as an object lesson.  For many of us, we act like our relationship with God ought to be something we can “set” and then go on with our life as usual with no further thought or attention needed from us.  Yet that’s not the way it works.  God tells us to “work out our salvation with fear and trembling” not because we can earn salvation with our work, but because the maintenance of our relationship with God requires effort on our part — just as a relationship with anyone would.  

In between handling the heating issues, I formatted next week’s prayer guide and finished the work to schedule it to be sent out Sunday morning.  I finished out the work day with time spent working on the Bible lesson for the elementary age class I will teach tomorrow evening.  By mid-afternoon I stopped for lunch on my way home then my family and I headed out to enjoy the late afternoon sun.  Today’s photo was taken as we began a short walk through a wooded area.  We were trying to find a good vantage point to photograph a covered bridge and this trail led to a raised platform that allowed us to look across the lake with a clear view of the bridge.  While the bridge was the destination for our photo trip, the surrounding scenery was too beautiful to ignore.  As we go through life, it is important to keep our eyes open to the things around us that God would have us to see.  Many times we become so focused on the things we view as important that we develop “tunnel vision” and fail to see beyond what we want to notice what God wants to show us.

I pray that you and I would be willing to put in the work necessary to maintaining our relationship with God.  I pray that we would find such joy through our relationship with God that we consider it a pleasure to do the work needed to help it grow.  I pray that we would spend more time considering what God would want, rather than pursuing our own desires.  I pray that we would understand God’s desire to reveal Himself to us in greater ways than our own pursuit could accomplish. 


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