I Know

‘Twas the week before Christmas
and all through my mind.
A deep sense of sorrow
is what I did find.
I thought of so many
who would face Christmas Eve.
With tears in their eyes
and their heart on their sleeve.

So as I lived life
and went about my day.
I did what I knew,
and that was to pray.
God gave me no answers,
or tried to explain.
But quietly whispered,
“I do know your pain.”

A long time ago,
God lived with His Son.
The two were so close,
they were known as One.
And in their existence
they set forth a plan.
They created the world
and placed on it “man”.

Then God walked with man,
and man walked with God.
So what happened next
should really seem odd.
Mankind was tempted
to believe a lie.
They disobeyed God,
which caused them to die.

While it wasn’t sudden,
in a physical way.
God lost those He loved,
on that dark, dreadful day.
The closeness they had
when they walked side by side.
Was gone in a moment
as man tried to hide.

And while we talk often
of what mankind lost.
Do we give much thought
to Who else it cost?
For on that same day
that man was deceived.
God lost a friendship,
and His heart was grieved.

And down through the centuries
when we disobeyed.
God knew the price
that would have to be paid.
So a long time ago,
when the time was just right.
God sent His Son
into the dark night.

So heaven was emptied,
of God’s only Son.
The price needed paid,
and He was the One.
So on that first Christmas,
that makes us rejoice.
Heaven was missing
part of God’s voice.

And through the next decades,
as Christ walked the earth.
God Himself knew,
the reason for the birth.
His heart must have been heavy
as each long day passed.
But He knew for certain,
the loss would not last.

There would be a day,
after a long, hard night.
He would see a reunion
of His glorious light.
And while that was true,
of God and His Son.
It was not just for them,
it is for everyone!

So we can take comfort,
in the midst of our pain.
Knowing God will bring sunshine,
after the rain.
And when we have sorrow,
and the tears freely flow.
God’s love will be with us
as He says, “I know.”

© 2016 by Tom Lemler

With the death of my niece this past year and her spending her 22nd birthday in heaven a couple days ago, my  heart and mind have been more attuned this Christmas season to those who will face the holidays missing someone they love.  As I was praying this morning, I was filled with a sadness that is hard to explain.  Sad for myself, sad for family members, sad for friends, and even sad for strangers who long for another day with the ones they miss most.  As I prayed, this poem began to form in my mind and I could sense God’s presence with me saying, “I know.”  I pray that you would experience a peace and comfort beyond explanation as you trust in a God who knows.

In prayer,

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