2016: Page 354

Page 354 began early as I was supposed to meet our pest control service tech and I needed to clear snow from sidewalks for the start of the school day.  Even with the bitter cold temperature my truck started right up, although my windshield scraper had no success in removing the frost that was intent on clinging to my windows.  A negative twelve degree temperature evidently creates a special bond between the ice crystals and the glass which required running the defroster on high for a while before I could clear the windshield.  Once I could drive safely I headed into work but the pest control guy must have decided we would be closed like 95% of the area schools were.  That’s okay, because I still had walks to clear, bathrooms to clean, and floors to scrub before the delayed start to the school day.  

When it is cold enough that your eyelashes freeze to your hat as soon as you walk out the door, everything takes longer.  I don’t think I own enough clothing of increasing sizes to have put on enough layers to withstand the cold winter wind that blew through all that I had on.  Because it was light, fluffy lake effect snow, I began by using the snow shovel.  It didn’t take very long doing that before I started to sweat which ended up making it feel even colder.  So I got the snowblower out and finished up with it.  That kept me from sweating but the wind would blow the flying snow back on me, leaving me looking like a walking snowman.  The cold helped create a clarity in the sky that made the early morning moon easy to photograph.  As I cleared the snow, and became covered with the snow, the beauty that surrounded me helped make the outside work tolerable.

Once the walks were cleared and ice melt put down on some stubborn areas, I headed inside to clean.  While I try to use ice melt sparingly, it seemed like all that I had put down on the walks yesterday must have made its way inside.  It ended up being a good thing I started the day early even with a two-hour school delay as it took me most of the extra time in order to have the building ready.  Even while I was clearing snow and cleaning, I had already begun to spend time with God considering the prayer guide topic for next week.  So, by the time I was able to sit down in front of my computer it didn’t take long to come up with the topic of “Completed”.  With next week’s prayer guide filling the space between Christmas and the end of the calendar year, it seemed fitting to focus some prayer time on some things that God says we ought to complete, or have completed, in our lives.  The good news is that all of them are things that God desires to complete in us as we learn to surrender fully to Him.  After writing the prayer guide, I spent time with God working on the sermon for Christmas Sunday.  Unless God changes it between now and then, the message will continue the “Living As the Lord’s Servant” series with a look at the life of Mary whose response to the message delivered to her by an angel was simply, “I am the Lord’s servant.”

By mid-afternoon, the early morning start in the cold air caught up with me and I set aside the study and headed out for a late lunch before making my way home to rest.  The remainder of the day was spent playing some Wii games, writing today’s page, and enjoying a nice supper with my family.  Now I’ll finish up the writing and call it a day soon so I’ll be ready for tomorrow.

I pray that you and I would adhere to Christ so strongly that we would allow nothing to pull us away from our relationship with Him.  I pray that we would have wisdom in being prepared for the circumstances of life we face.  I pray that we would live life in a way that allows God to complete His work in us.  I pray that we would be drawn to worship as we consider the many wonders that God surrounds us with.  I pray that we would understand how God would have us live as His servant each day.  


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