2016: Page 344

The overnight snow didn’t amount to what they were calling for, but it was still enough that the sidewalks needed to be cleared in addition to the morning cleaning and inside building prep.  So, page 344 began with the layered look as I dressed for winter and faced the cold wind that was bringing lake effect snow with it.  Once the walks were cleared and some ice melt put down on some stubborn areas, I headed inside to see if the adjustments I made to the heating system yesterday afternoon had worked.  As I walked in from outside, I decided I may need to adjust to the inside temperature before deciding as it could be rather chilly and still feel warm after spending time outside.  So, after cleaning bathrooms and sweeping hallways, I checked on my heating system work and one of the two areas had significant improvement while the other had gained some warmth but still wasn’t where it ought to be.  

The temporary solution was to tell people that if it started to feel cold in their work area, to go outside for five minutes and it would seem warmer when they came back in. 🙂  Much of the morning was spent researching our heating system and trying to track down reliable sources of information and parts.  I don’t know that I came up with anything that will help but I did learn a lot a zoned hot water heating system.  After the students were finished with lunch, I cleaned up after them and used the floor scrubber in the cafeteria so it would be clean for a dinner being held tonight.  Once I had done what I could until after the dinner, I headed out to lunch and then down to Potato Creek for a waist management and mental health hike.  After two days in a row, I had skipped yesterday so even with the snow and cold temperature it felt good to be back out for an afternoon hike.  When I arrived at the park, I saw the resident pair of bald eagles and managed a few long distance photos before heading out for what ended up being a nearly five mile hike.

Today’s photo was taken with a little over a mile to go and it was starting to get dark.  The path had a light covering of snow, but not enough to give it a full crisp winter look.  Between the cold and the dreariness of the day, I didn’t stop to take nearly as many photos as I normally do.  Moving quickly helped keep me warm, so it took more to catch my eye enough to make me stop than it does on a warm summer day.  I suppose that stopping less actually makes the waist management aspect of the hike more realistic as I was able to reach 14, 14.5, and 15 minute miles for the center three miles of the hike.  When I got back to the truck, one of the eagles was still perched in a tree across the way but it was too dark to get any more usable photos.  Once back to the building, I sat down to write today’s page while I waited for the building to clear out.  Now that I have an empty building, I will finish up today’s writing and get the building cleaned and ready for Sunday.

I guess if I were to sum up today in a word, the word would be perspective.  The rooms in the building that were cold, were cold compared to other rooms but were actually warm compared to outside.  The snow, while creating some extra work was minor compared to what they were calling for.  On my photography Facebook page, I posted a series of photos I called “Perspective” because one was a normal view of the inlet channel at Potato Creek with two spots in the photo  highlighted while the other two were taken while standing in the same location but zoomed in to each spot where an eagle happened to be perched.  Sometimes I wonder how much I miss because my perspective needs to be widened out at times and narrowed in at other times.  

I pray that you and I would learn to consider what God’s perspective would be in all of our circumstances.  I pray that we would find joy in doing the daily tasks which are set before us.  I pray that we would spend time becoming more and more familiar with the depths of love, that we will never fully understand, which God lavishes on us.  I pray that we would be faithful in doing the things we need to do, the things we commit to doing, and the things God calls us to do.


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