2016: Page 343

Page 343 was mostly a day off work although I’m writing this at work while I wait to see if some adjustments I made to the heating system will warm up a couple rooms.  After a late Wednesday night at work, I slept in this morning with no real plans for the day other than to rest.  After I woke up, I helped Susan get up and around for the day and we spent the morning resting — she with a panda bear and television, me with coffee and internet.  Mid-morning, or so, I got a message from work that the two areas of the building that were cold last Thursday morning were cold again today.  I guess the heat system is allergic to Thursdays. 🙂  By the time I saw the message it was too late to get heat in the rooms for today’s use, so I decided to go in later when the building was empty and the system would be easier to work on.  

The weather forecasters are still calling for a winter weather advisory and accumulating lake effect snow, but so far it is just cold with a few flurries.  We had hamburger thawed out so I fired up the pellet grill and grilled some bacon cheeseburgers for lunch.  It’s always grilling season, right?  After lunch I decided to take a nap so I would be rested up to go into work this evening.  I’m still not sure if the winter bug that seems to get shared at work is winning or if I am, but the rest was helpful.  With snow in the forecast, I couldn’t be sure I would have time in the morning to resolve the heat issue as well as clear walks and do the usual building cleaning, so I headed into work tonight to do some trouble shooting.  After some adjustments in the system, I have hot water running through the offending heat exchange units so I am hopeful the rooms will soon warm up.  

Today’s picture is what I’m trying to avoid in the building — Jack Frost nipping at our toes. 🙂  Yesterday while I was out at Potato Creek, one of the swamp areas had a thin coating of ice covering it and I loved the patterns that were formed on the surface.  In every season, the beauty of God’s creativity can be found by those who simply open their eyes and are willing to look for it.  I’m not a big fan of the bitter cold weather that winter sometimes brings, but I do enjoy the beauty of freshly fallen snow and the crispness of a clear winter night.  I also enjoy heat when I go into a building, so I’ll wrap up the writing of today’s page and try to successfully finish up my work today.

I pray that you and I would pay attention when our body, soul, and spirit are in need of rest.  I pray that we would seek God as our refuge in times of fatigue and weariness.  I pray that we would be wise about the way we work so that our productivity makes us more effective in our work for Christ.  I pray that we would enjoy life as we live each day as a child of God.  I pray that we would celebrate God’s diverse creativity as we stop and notice the many wonders that He surrounds us with.




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