2016: Page 342

Page 342 finds me working both ends of the day and most of the middle but fortunately God created chocolate and coffee to get me through the day. 🙂  I think I’m trying to come down with one of the bugs that the students tend to bring to school with them.  I think I went to bed at a decent time last night but it sure was hard to get going this morning.  Nonetheless, I made it up and in to work at my usual time to get the cleaning and building prep done to start the day.  Once the early part of the morning routine was done, I headed out to pick up cleaning supplies before all the Christmas shopping crazies woke up and clogged up the roadways.  While I was out, I picked up some parts for the floor scrubber then once I was back to work spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon working on it.  Once I had done what I could with it, I prayed that the repairs were successful and then plugged it in to recharge so I could try to use it tonight.  

After cleaning up, it was time for a late lunch and a trip to Potato Creek for a waist management and mental health walk.  When I arrived, the bald eagle was perched near the boat ramp and stayed long enough for me to snap two photos before flying off some 100 yards or so away to the other side of the  lake inlet.  This gave me a change to try out the zoom on my “bird” camera and I managed a few usable long-distance shots even while standing on a rocking floating pier.  It was far enough away that if I hadn’t seen where it had flown to, I would not have even known it was there.  Once again it was a bright, sunny day when I left the building and headed to lunch but by the time I made it to the park the clouds were rapidly overtaking the sunshine.  Today’s photo was taken at the end of my walk as the sun was doing its best to shine through the afternoon haze that the clouds had formed.   

After the nearly 5 mile walk, I headed back to work and spent time going over the lesson I would teach the elementary class tonight about the life of Moses.  The lesson would focus on the journey that God would use Moses to lead the people of Israel on from Egypt to the Promised Land.  We even played Candy Land as we talked about the journey that we are on as God has called us out of a slavery to sin and leads us to the Promised Land of an eternity with Him.  While I don’t see a pillar of fire or a hovering cloud to guide me, I do have the presence of God’s Spirit to follow each day.  As the students played the game, I talked about the journey of life they are on and how the pace of life is varied.  Sometimes they will walk with God at a fast pace as He leads them forward.  Sometimes they will stop for a period of time and wait upon the Lord.  Sometimes they will seem to be going in the wrong direction and need to especially keep their eyes focused on the Spirit who leads them.

Once class was over, I sat for a moment before beginning the cleaning routine to have the building ready for tomorrow.  With the potential for snow over the next few days, I may have to come in and work some tomorrow anyhow, but I figured I may as well have things ready so I can rest if it doesn’t snow until later.  Eventually I made it to the floor scrubbing and was happy to find out that my repairs were successful and the floor scrubber did its job as it was designed to.  After the cleaning was done and the building was ready for tomorrow, I sat down to write today’s page and now I’m ready to post it and head home to get some sleep. 🙂

I pray that you and I would stay focused on Christ this Christmas season and not get caught up into being one of the “crazies” that have lost perspective.  I pray that we would notice when our life needs a little extra maintenance to help it run as smoothly as God desires for it to.  I pray that we would find a godly balance in caring for our bodies without worshiping them.  I pray that we would allow God to be the one who leads us on our journey of life.  I pray that we would keep a steadfast focus on reaching the “Promised Land” regardless of what our personal journey there looks like.  


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