2016: Page 341

Page 341 finally saw the sun come out after what seems like weeks of gray and gloomy skies.  The morning began early in the usual way with cleaning and building prep.  Once the building was ready for the day, it was time to work on the record keeping and accounting for the missions’ account.  The morning also included some work on my Bible lesson for tomorrow evening.  As I worked, I was asked about adding some upper elementary boys to my class tomorrow.  This led to a discussion on their disruptive behavior and unwillingness to listen to adult-given instructions.  Having seen them in action, it wasn’t surprising information, but it wasn’t exactly what a person wants to hear when you’re being asked to teach them.  Being whatever it is I am, I agreed to give it a try and see how it goes so I am praying fervently that God gives me the patience and wisdom to teach well, and that He would show me how to correct any behavior that is inappropriate — theirs or mine. 🙂  

As I thought about teaching students who don’t want to learn, I began to wonder if God’s Spirit ever rolls his eyes when asked to teach us in the ways we ought to go.  I wonder if there are ever conversations in heaven that go something like this:  “But Father, your presence has dwelt among them for some time now and they pay absolutely no attention to what it is you want.”  “I know, but I’m sending you to be available should they be moved to draw near to Me.”  “Isn’t there someway I can make them listen?”  “That’s not your job.  You represent me and I stand at the door and knock, they must choose to open it.”  “Okay, then I will continue to present truth and conviction and pray that they will choose to accept both and change their ways.”  

It seems it is easy to notice when someone isn’t paying attention to us.  How mindful are we of the times when we are not paying attention to God and His Spirit that He has put within us?  We all want our children and the children within our church families to accept the message of the gospel and live as obedient, respectful children.  We become concerned when it doesn’t seem to be taking place and in the midst of the process we often wonder if we are making a positive difference in anyone’s life.  I am thankful that even though there have been people who have given up on me, God never has and never will.  We often pull out the 1 Corinthians 13 passage at weddings and other occasions to describe the kind of love that we ought to have.  Many times we hear that and think that it is a great idea, but who can really love like that?  God can, and God has, and God does!  The love we need when people aren’t what we want them to be is the same love God has for us even when we’re not yet what He desires for us to be.

By mid-afternoon, the sun had come out and I headed down to Potato Creek after getting some lunch.  It has been a while since I’ve been consistent in walking for any distance and it felt good to be on the trails again.  Today’s photo made me think of how I ought to reflect the love and nature of God.  The more still I become before Him, the more He is able to be seen in me.  

I pray that you and I would spend time with God accepting His instruction in our life.  I pray that we would be willing to share God’s instruction with others, even when it seems they aren’t paying attention.  I pray that we would examine our own level of obedience before we try to correct the disobedience of others.  I pray that we would make time to be still before the Lord in a way that He is reflected well in all we do and say.


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