2018: Page 84

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • I began the day by writing yesterday’s page.  I’ve learned to be at least a little bit flexible in the timing of my writing so that it continues to serve a purpose rather than my becoming servant to it.
  • The Sunday morning Bible class that I attend began a study through the book of Hebrews this morning . . . it will be interesting to see how long it takes us to get through it.  🙂
  • Some of the main points we looked at this morning from Hebrews 1 were the authority of Jesus as the “exact representation” of God, the presence of Jesus as the author of creation, and the superiority of Jesus over all things on earth and in heaven.
  • After the Bible School hour, we had a great time of worship with our youth minister sharing a Palm Sunday message about the humble victory that Christ not only obtained, but that He brought to us.
  • Here are some of the highlights of the message from my perspective:
    • The “Palm Sunday” triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem was that of a king bringing peace.
    • Even as one who came in peace to bring peace, Jesus didn’t back away from challenging the evil deeds and hypocrisy of the religious leaders.
    • The shouts of “Hosanna!” were able to quickly change to shouts of “Crucify Him!” because the crowds failed to understand the nature of the kingdom that the Messiah would establish and they were easily manipulated by leaders with their own hidden agendas.  Sound familiar?
    • A death was required to pay our penalty for sin.  By living a sin-free life, the death of Jesus could pay our penalty because He had no penalty of His own that needed paid.
    • While the death of Jesus paid the price for our sin, it was the resurrection of Jesus which brought to us the victory over death that we can have in Jesus.
    • While, as Christians, we ought to be looking forward to the realization of the final victory we will experience in Christ, we also should lay hold of the daily victories that can be ours as we live for Him each day.
  • After the church service, there was a missions committee meeting that I was a part of.  I’m not a fan of meetings in general, but this one was a pretty good one as far as meetings go. 🙂
  • By the time I got home, I spent the middle part of the afternoon resting before we headed out for a family walk along the river.
  • While the sun was out and shining brightly, the wind had a chill to it that nipped at my face as we walked.  The wind also kept the wildlife away from obvious view as they sought various places to keep out of the wind.
  • Today’s photo was taken as the sun melted into the evening cloud cover in preparation for the day’s sunset.


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