2018: Page 83

Some thoughts, lessons, and/or reflections from the day:

  • While time would have allowed me to sleep in after a late night, habit would not.
  • It is very rare that I am not awake shortly before my alarm would typically go off.  Call it an internal clock, ingrained habit, or whatever you wish but it happens automatically day in and day out.  Yes, I still have to decide if I’m going to get out of bed and make the day meaningful but routine brings me to that decision every day.
  • In a way, that’s the heart of what I teach about in regard to developing a lifestyle of prayer — it’s about developing the habits and routines that consistently bring you to the point of having to decide if you are going to pray in a way that makes it meaningful in your life.
  • The morning was spent getting to and attending the funeral of a man who was a part of the church I preach at once a month.  His kind spirit and loving heart will be greatly missed.
  • The service made me think about whether we ever spend time considering the life we live and how much we would be missed.  It also made me think about how we view others and how some people are missed when they are no longer part of a group for whatever reason, and some people . . . well, some people aren’t so missed.
  • When we got home, I had an email from the DNR about a snowy owl sighting and a caravan being set up to go see him.  So, we grabbed our cameras and headed to the Indiana Dunes where this trip would begin.
  • Not only were we able to see and photograph the snowy owl that was a part of this program, the leader talked about some others that were in northwest Indiana.  So, after getting some photos we headed out in search of another owl to photograph.
  • The second owl was right where the group had been told it had been sitting for the past several evenings, so we were able to get some more photos of these beautiful visitors from the Arctic.
  • The snowy owls are only here for a season and will soon be heading back north so it is always possible that each opportunity to see one could be the last for the season.
  • I suppose that thought combined with the funeral in the morning made me wonder how eager we are to make the most of every opportunity in building relationships with people as we never know when it will be our last chance with them.
  • Today’s photo will be several photos of the owls we were able to photograph.

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