2016: Page 345

After cleaning late last night, I went to bed just as page 345 was set to begin.  I guess that was a good start to a day that seemed to have a theme of rest.  I was able to sleep in well into the morning but eventually got up and gave myself a much needed haircut.  Susan likes the sound of the hair clippers, so by the time I was done she was ready to get up.  After getting Susan her meds and breakfast, the rest of the morning consisted of getting the Christmas tree out and put up.  Susan loves the tree, so we got it out and MJ decorated it and Susan had a happy morning.  It wasn’t long before it was time for lunch so we put on our hats and coats and went out to eat.  With snow in the forecast, which means I will likely need to get up and clean walks in the morning, I spent much of the afternoon taking a nap.  I eventually got up and played a little Wii fitness, which showed my fitness age to be 24 so I guess I’m doing a good job of staying in shape. 🙂  After some good chili for supper, it was time to sit down and write today’s page so I can get some sleep before the snow arrives.

Today’s photo is one I took at Potato Creek a couple days ago.  The bald eagle is often seen as a symbol of freedom in the United States.  I always consider it a special treat when I catch sight of one of them when I visit the park and it’s a double treat when I see the pair of them that have taken up residence there.  Watching them perched in a tree or soaring over the lake is a true picture of beauty and freedom.  While they remind me of the freedoms that I have as a citizen of the USA, they also make me think of the greater freedom I have as a child of the living God.  When I live in Christ, I am set free completely and nothing can overcome that freedom.  But just like the tenuous guarantees of freedom we have in this country, there are times when my fear keeps me from living in the freedom that I actually have.  There are times when I allow the opposition of others, and of the enemy, to cloud over the true freedom I have in Christ.  While nothing can separate me from the freedom that Christ has given me, I must daily choose to live in that freedom rather than return to an enslavement to sin and the law.  One of the reasons that I believe it is so important to rest in Christ is because God has promised that those who wait upon Him shall have a renewed strength and rise up on wings as eagles.  The freedom I have in Christ is renewed and strengthened when I rest fully in Him each day.  

I pray that you and I would not lose sight of Jesus and the purpose for His life on earth as we celebrate Christmas this year.  I pray that we would learn to wait upon the Lord and rest in Him as we hold fast to the freedom He has given.  I pray that we would live as those set free as we hold fast to the promises of God.


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