2016: Page 279

Page 279 has been one of those days that kind of just go by in a blur and while they seem to last forever, before you know it, its gone.  Wednesdays have become one of my long workdays as I was at work before 6:30 this morning and came home around 10 this evening with about an hour lunch break thrown in for good measure.  On that lunch break, I stopped by the riverwalk and shot today’s photo as the slow shutter speed gives me the impression of this great bird standing still while life flows by it at warp speed.  

After doing the morning cleaning and prep, I headed out to mow before daylight so I could get the areas around the building done before the school day started.  I did have to take a short break in the mowing to grab a camera as the sun was coming up through the clouds in the eastern horizon.  It was a beautiful sight to behold and photograph.  Once I had taken a few photos, it was back to mowing and enjoying the peaceful prayer time that comes with it.  A good amount of my prayer time was focused on praying about the great divide that exists within the Christian community here in the United States.  I have no real way of knowing how widespread the divide really is, nor how the numbers fall on either side of the divide, but I do know by watching my social media feed that each side of the divide has great animosity toward the other.  I have friends that share writings from different great Christian leaders and theologians who write from complete opposite viewpoints why one political party’s candidate for president is the “more Christian” choice than the other and why a vote for the other candidate is the most  un-Christian thing you could do.  Mind you, I see these postings claiming to offer absolute proof why they’re right both for and against each candidate.  While these, and the spirit in which they come across, are bad enough, the tone and language in the disagreeing responses are even more unsettling.  It’s as if the “expert” writers feed the conclusion that voting in agreement with them is the determining factor of a person’s Christianity.  It appears that far to many people are willing to be helped along to that conclusion.

After I finished my prayer time from the mower seat, I laid out the lesson plan of my Wednesday evening class then headed out for a late lunch and a short walk.  When I returned to work, I went back through the material for the evening class.  The material I am using is designed to give an overview of the Bible in 52 weekly sessions.  Last week was the introduction to the series and tonight we dug into the creativity of God found in the creation account.  As I connected that in my mind to my earlier prayer time, I thought about how God has created each of us as unique and valuable beings in His image.  There isn’t any of us that has full knowledge and is right all the time, yet how often do we act like we have all knowledge and are always right in all things?  It is not until we begin to see the value of one another that we will even be willing to listen with ears that are actually open to hearing.  The picture that the church presents of Christ ought to be one of love one for another.  At least that is what I understand Jesus to say, that the world will know we are His disciples by our love for one another.  What does the world see about Jesus when they look at you and me?

I pray that you and I would spend time praying for, and seeking, peace for our nation.  I pray that we would be careful what we share, and how we respond to what others share, on social media and in person.  I pray that we would have a greater understanding of the value God sees in each person whether we fully agree with them or not.  I pray that we would grow in our listening skills.  I pray that our love for one another would be the predominant and identifying feature of the church today.


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